5 easy ways to stay connected


The modern world dictates its own rules to us, and almost every day we try to adapt to a new reality. This may be due to a change in the format of work, rising prices, frightening news. We often make drastic decisions in order to provide ourselves with a comfortable and stable life. How can you see your path in this stream of news and incidents and make the right decisions?

  1. Focus on yourself and your inner circle.

Right now, from now on, try to take care of yourself first. Are you happy, calm? Maybe you are scared, uncomfortable? Do you want to take a walk in the forest, or stay at home in silence for a few hours? Every day ask yourself: «What do I want now? What do I need? How can I please myself, support or help myself?» And do it! Ask the same questions to your loved ones and support them in an accessible way;

  1. Get rid of negative information.

Watch yourself for a few days, what takes the most of your energy. Watching the news?, chatting with a mean neighbor?, riding a crowded bus? The bus can be replaced by any other type of transport, you can change the route, for example, let the road take a little longer, but it will go through the historical center and in the company of fewer passengers, you can politely greet your neighbor and pass by without perceiving all her negative words, well, just don’t watch the news, because while hundreds of people were dying in Pompeii, in other places other people led a happy, measured life;

  1. Maintain your physical health.

Has your back been hurting for a long time and you put off going to the doctor? Now is the time to do it. And also to take tests, pick up vitamins, go through honey. examination, visit a psychologist. When there is no strength to move on, it’s time to invest in your body, it is your body that thinks, thinks, functions, earns money, raises children. You can start with hiking in the fresh air, write a plan for visiting doctors and specialists for the next year, sign up and start walking. And there there will be less time for negativity, and there will be a lot of strength in a healthy body;

  1. New impressions.

First of all, it’s travel. You can start with small, on weekends, mini-journeys to neighboring cities, or go to the place that you have long dreamed of. And if you still can’t get out somewhere, then you can attend interesting events in your city, concerts, performances and exhibitions. Art provides a lot of resource;

  1. Fill.

Add daily rituals to your life, a cup of aromatic coffee in your favorite coffee shop after work, or reading an interesting book before bed, a bath with salt and aromatic oils, or any other activity that you look forward to during the day. And also, surround yourself with beautiful things, let it be something small: a cute keychain, a figurine on your desktop or a postcard in your diary and book, but every time you look at these things, they should cause you the most positive emotions.

Everything will be fine! And last but not least, very good!


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