Why does dandruff appear and how to overcome it?

There is a good, proven remedy — this is a shampoo with zinc, for example, Salicinc.

Just wash your hair with it several times, and dandruff will disappear. Most often, dandruff is a consequence of the reproduction of fungi and harmful bacteria on the skin. Zinc in the shampoo eliminates microbes and prevents their reappearance. And peppermint oil will relieve itching and irritation on the skin. The shampoo is easy to apply, the hair after it becomes soft and manageable.

What can be done to prevent dandruff from reappearing?

  • Do not dry your hair with a hot hair dryer. It’s better to be a little under-dry than over-dry!
  • Cold temperatures are also bad for hair follicles, so wear a hat when necessary.
  • Wash your hair properly: with non-hot water, a good shampoo, observe the time of applying shampoo to your head.
  • Balm-conditioner apply only to the hair itself, excluding the roots.
  • Frequent coloring or highlighting can also create irritation and provoke dandruff.
  • Try to treat the skin under the hair with special masks and serums between stains.
  • Dandruff can be the result of a disease, such as psoriasis. Contact a trichologist to prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

Most often, if these requirements are met and the special Salicinc shampoo is used, dandruff goes away and does not return.

We wish you good luck and clean shoulders!

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