Why do kids misbehave and misbehave? How can you help them get better? Every mom asks these questions from time to time. Or maybe the kids themselves would not mind finding out why you can’t eat only sweets, why you need to be polite and go to bed on time …

the child is angry

The author of early development methods and an experienced teacher, Elena Ul’eva, in her books gives clear answers to dozens of important questions and explains complex things in simple language using fairy tales as an example.

«Good Manners» (1–3)

Good manners

In this book, we will be shown the most common manifestations of harmfulness and bad manners in children. The little mouse got angry and left his mother to find himself a new house. The little bear would not agree to go to bed every night. And the hare was naughty at the table, refusing healthy food, and gorged himself on sweets.

Kids will surely recognize themselves in one of these characters. Elena Uleva will not just tell the little bastards that you need to behave well and obey your mother, but will explain why this is necessary. Read with your child, discuss and rejoice at the improvement in his behavior.

«Why am I angry?» (1–3)

Why am I angry

Where does anger come from? And, most importantly, what to do with it? Perhaps, for many adults, these questions will seem difficult. But the author answers them with the help of short fairy tales that will be understandable to the child.

The ability to recognize and manage your anger is an infinitely valuable skill that will come in handy throughout your life.

«Why am I jealous?» (1–3)

Why am I jealous

Envy is one of the most difficult and unpleasant emotions, it can drag anger, resentment, shame, and sadness along with it. Envy is not always possible to realize and separate from other feelings. At the same time, we often meet with her already in early childhood. How to unravel this tangle of emotions? Elena Uleva knows the answer!

She specially composed good instructive tales about a bunny who was jealous of other animals, and about a kitten who thought that his mother loved him less than other kittens. On the example of these charming characters, the baby will learn how to act in difficult situations.

«Magic Words» (1–3)

magic words

Being polite is great! Magic words open many doors and make communication easy and enjoyable. But how to explain all this to kids? Situations with cute characters from the book: a bee, a teddy bear and a chicken will show children what an important role courtesy plays in our lives and how it makes relationships with others truly magical.

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