Which swimsuit to choose


You went on a long-awaited vacation to the sea, equipped with the best sunscreens and ready to soak up every ray of sun, you certainly want to get the best golden tan on the coast and brag about it to your friends and work colleagues! For this occasion, the classic bikini model is ideal for you, which will leave the maximum of the body exposed for an even tan, leaving only small light patterns in the form of triangles. La Creama brings to our selection bikini classics in the trendiest colors of the season.

You are a fidget and even on the beach you cannot lie idle for a long time, you love sports and all kinds of outdoor activities. And this in no way prevents you from getting a beautiful tan, because, as we know, it sticks even better when we stop being static. Sports models of bathing suits will be the most suitable for you, in which you will feel comfortable and will be able to allow yourself maximum movements without worrying that the straps on the panties will untie or the top will slip at the most inopportune moment. The La Creama team has not bypassed the theme of sports in their line of swimwear, highlighting them in a special Beach Sport series.

You have been invited on a romantic date to gaze at the stars and swim in the night. Agree that this situation does not at all provide for getting a tan, while under the moon you can only dream about it! Which swimsuit would be the best choice for this occasion? To create an unforgettable romantic look, models with interesting details in the form of lacing and sets with high panties are perfect.

You are sure to impress in this swimsuit!

How about a party with friends? A special cocktail swimsuit (yes, that’s right!) for going out to the pool is what we need to be in the spotlight! Incredibly sexy and daring La Creama one-pieces from the Very Sexy collection with racy cutouts will be 100% hit on target

So quickly and easily we figured out the hot topic of summer and determined for ourselves how different bathing outfits can be and how important it is to have at least a couple of interesting beach outfits in your arsenal! I really hope this article will help you in choosing the perfect swimsuit for any occasion! And don’t forget: there’s only one chance to make a first impression! Arm yourself with the best swimwear and be the most beautiful on the beach!


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