Which floor cleaner should you choose?


The cleanliness of the floors is important not only for creating home comfort, but also for maintaining the health of all family members. Dust, grains of debris, traces of spilled drinks and animal paws accumulate daily on the floors, all this leads to the breeding of various bacteria.

Any hostess wants to clean the floors as efficiently and quickly as possible, without unnecessary labor and distraction from other more important concerns. When choosing a floor cleaner, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:


— liquid (gels, shampoos, concentrates);

— dry (powder means);

— sprays (ready products with a sprayer).


— daily cleaning

— disinfection

— stain removal

— odor control

Coating type:

— laminate

— linoleum

— ceramic tiles, stone

— parquet

The composition of the product should not contain aggressive components when choosing a product for a home where children and pets live. Also, carefully pay attention to the composition of the product, in order to avoid the content of components that can cause individual intolerance.

It is recommended to give preference to products such as Wellroom, and here’s why:

1. Versatile, suitable for vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, laminate;

2. Has a disinfecting effect;

3. Does not contain aggressive chemical components;

4. Eliminates unwanted odors, leaves behind a light aroma of freshness;

5. Does not leave streaks, does not require rinsing;

6. Safe for pets;

7. Does not cause allergies.

Tips for using Wellroom floor cleaner with odor neutralizer:

— The tool is very economical, it is enough to dilute 1 cap per 5 liters of water;

— Immerse a mop or cloth in the prepared solution, wring out excess moisture;

— Wash the surfaces, if heavily soiled, repeat the procedure. Rinsing off is not required.

After cleaning, the floors will shine with cleanliness, there will be no sticky effect, and a light citrus aroma will remain.

Wellroom is comfort and freshness in the house for a long time.


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