Which blanket to choose for a newborn?


The birth of a baby is an important event in every family, so the choice of any item for a newborn must be approached with great attention and caution. In the first months of life, the child needs special care, constant maintenance of comfort, coziness and warmth. A gentle and soft children’s blanket made of natural materials can successfully cope with these tasks.

Are you future parents? Or are you looking for a special gift for a newborn? Then do not forget to pay attention to the blanket for the crumbs. We want to help you determine the ideal option for a blanket — a blanket for a newborn, which will easily and softly wrap the baby, give him joy, and parents peace and confidence in the security of the child.

Every modern parent knows how versatile and useful blankets are in daily use. There are several main criteria that determine the scope of the children’s blanket, its quality, external differences and other characteristics. In general, the criteria for choosing a blanket for a baby can be divided into several categories. It should be noted that the decisive role in choosing this accessory necessary for children is played by the material from which the blanket is made, its size, seasonality and external features.

Plaid size

The size of the baby blanket is important for its further use. If you are choosing a baby blanket to use as a baby wrap or to wrap up your baby, you can define a square blanket as your preferred option. The side of such a baby blanket can vary from 80 to 100 cm.

A universal solution would be a natural blanket for newborns 80 * 100 or 80 * 90. It is important to choose a blanket that is not too big for the newborn, as the baby should not get tangled in it. It can become an indispensable item in a baby’s wardrobe. Such a blanket can be laid at home — in a crib, for a walk — in a stroller, while traveling — in a car. The size of the blanket for the baby «Aist» from the trademark «Mary’J» 80 * 95 is selected taking into account all the needs of the baby and young parents.

material and season

  • Knitted blankets. Knitted blankets for newborns are suitable for almost all seasons of the year. They are made from natural and mixed materials. An ideal option would be a blanket lined with natural cotton — knitted fabric, which is incredibly gentle and quickly warms the baby. This is exactly what the «Stork» blanket is. The undoubted advantage of a children’s blanket made of natural materials is excellent breathability. Cotton perfectly passes air and removes excess moisture. Knitting looks beautiful on the plaid. Large braids, various patterns and applications on a knitted children’s product will create coziness and decorate your photos. Natural beautiful plaid is an ideal gift for a newborn. It can also be used as a cover for christenings.
  • Wool blankets. The woolen blanket is completely natural and very warm, but requires special care conditions — a special delicate wash is needed. It will not cause an allergic reaction and will protect the baby from colds in a particularly cold season. Ideal as a comforter for a duvet cover from a children’s bedding set.
  • Velsoft blankets. Velsoft blankets or, as they are commonly called, microfiber blankets are very soft. This material is easy to care for, easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly. This plush blanket is resistant to deformation with frequent washing. However, it is worth considering its completely synthetic composition and, as a result, the ability to accumulate static electricity, which is extremely unacceptable for a newborn.
  • Terry blanket. In the summer coolness, a terry blanket is perfect. Its delicate bristles create a massage effect that does not irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn. The material for such a blanket, most often, is the same cotton, but some manufacturers make their products from synthetic threads, which outwardly practically do not differ from natural ones. Therefore, always pay attention to the composition — it should be as natural as possible. Such a blanket for a newborn is not universal, but it is perfect for summer evenings.

Color and design

The color of the blanket for the newborn should be soft so as not to irritate the baby. Choose pastel classic colors: white, blue, pink, light green. These colors will soothe the baby, while bright and colorful, on the contrary, can cause discomfort. You can also take into account the color of the stroller or the walls in the nursery so that the baby blanket fits perfectly into your interior and becomes a truly indispensable item for both the newborn and the parents.

Trademark «MaryJ» wishes you the right choice and pleasant shopping!


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