What is the age limit for Funny Bears blankets?


What is the age limit for Funny Bears blankets?

The Baby Corner Towel has a universal size and is suitable for children from 0 to 7 years old. It perfectly absorbs moisture and is made of high quality, pleasant to the body material!

Our fleece blankets are mega soft and fluffy, their amazing delicate colors and fabulously cute design will not leave any child indifferent!

What is their advantage?

This material has a bunch of advantages and the main one is that it retains heat very well. After all, fleece has a pile on both sides, between which there are air pockets that can keep the temperature. All our products have a unique and modern design!

How to care?

Machine washable at 40°C, gentle cycle, 600 rpm. When washing towels, it is better to load the washing machine by no more than 70%. Do not bleach. Also, drying in a tumble dryer is prohibited. You can only iron on the side of the cotton fabric.

What to give a child?

Of course, a towel-plaid. This is really a wonderful and useful gift for a child. The body towel quickly absorbs moisture from baby’s skin and hair. And also the towel has a corner that can be thrown over the head. Thanks to its coloring, the towel can be given to both a boy and a girl. The kid and his parents will be very happy with such a present!

Still thinking what to give your child!? Donate a towel! It is very beautiful and comfortable. The kid will be delighted!


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