First the envelope, then the jumpsuit. Surely you have seen similar developments from many manufacturers of children’s winter clothing — for every taste and color, in different sizes and trim levels. I propose to understand their main types!

1) The classic transforming jumpsuit is an envelope with sleeves, the lower part of which, with the help of zippers and buttons, is fastened into the legs of the overalls.

2) The bottom of the legs can be assembled with an elastic band and fastened with buttons, but this type of fastening is unreliable, and cold air will most likely be blown into the holes between the buttons. The most reliable and heat-saving option would be a zipper at the bottom, the edges of which are fixed with buttons.

3) The temperature regime of an ordinary winter overall is usually strictly limited — either for autumn or for winter. To maximize the temperature regime, manufacturers add a warm lining to the overalls: usually from sheepskin or down. The most accessible and warm is the fur lining made of knitted fur stuffed with natural sheep wool. Often, to reduce the cost, manufacturers use synthetic wool or with its addition. We advise you to pay attention to the production models of the Russian company Alex Junis — they use 100% sheep wool, which has been tested by many mothers! With such a natural wool liner, the transformable jumpsuit can be worn from 0 to -30 degrees, while without it only up to -5. Thus, the liner allows you to wear overalls in autumn, winter, and spring — savings!

4) What freezes the most? Limbs. For their additional insulation, there are special lapels that cover the arms and legs of the baby, preventing cold air from getting inside.

The second option is additional booties and mittens. These accessories can be worn together with the overalls, or separately in the future. Babies often wear booties at home if the floor is cold.

5) You should also pay attention to the fur edge. For the convenience of caring for the overalls, it is much better if it can be unfastened separately from the entire overalls or lining, because. fur requires separate care (dry cleaning). Such a possibility is provided, for example, in the Fox model. If the fur trim is sewn to the liner, then we recommend washing it by hand or entrusting it to a good dry cleaner.

So, a good transforming jumpsuit is a versatile piece of clothing for your kids:

• 2 in 1 — envelope and jumpsuit

• will serve you three seasons: autumn, winter, spring

• can be worn from +5 to -30 degrees depending on the inner layers of clothing and the presence of lining

• grows with the baby – a well-thought-out dimensional grid provides for a difference of 6-10 cm between the envelope and the overalls.

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