Children tend to be afraid of the dark. Because of this, parents have difficulty putting the child to bed and accustoming him to sleep with the lights off. The Russian brand «Heroes of Light» has found a solution to this problem. He invites moms and dads to give their baby a tablet for drawing with light.

In order for the child to fully enjoy the creativity, it is enough to dim or completely turn off the light in the room and give him the opportunity to draw an amazing drawing with the help of a flashlight.

Distinctive features of the sets

Play kits for drawing with light are the choice of a huge number of fathers and mothers whose children are afraid to go to bed with the lights off. There is no doubt about the quality of the product, as it meets generally accepted standards. In addition, the products are certified, which confirms their safety for the health of the child.

I would like to draw attention to a number of points that relate to creative tablets for drawing with light:

• Food-grade plastic is used in the manufacturing process of the kits.

• They are recommended for children who have low vision to correct it.

Classes with a tablet help to cope with depression, so they are considered as one of the options for color therapy.

• Drawings do not stop glowing for an hour. All this time they gradually fade away.

· • The tablet can be washed, as it is not afraid of contact with water.

• Thanks to the compact size the set is absolutely mobile. So, you can take it with you on a trip to captivate the child on the road.

Parents should invite a kid who is afraid to fall asleep in the dark to draw a brave defender for himself. It will keep the child asleep throughout the night. This is a great way to instill in him confidence in his safety, get rid of nightmares and fears.

Popular Models

The domestic brand offers a whole series of tablets that will become your baby’s favorite toy.

Set for creativity we draw with light in the dark A4

Drawing tablet with light
Drawing tablet with light

The set for drawing with light will be equally interesting for both boys and girls. It contains special stencils that help to depict various drawings on the tablet, for example, animals or geometric shapes.

The child will not need any pencils or pens with which he can get dirty in the process of creativity. Just pick up a flashlight and get to work. The tablet itself in A4 format withstands strong pressure, so the baby can not be afraid to accidentally break it during the game.

The set includes a tablet, a flashlight in the form of a convenient pen and stencils.

Premium mini set for creativity «Smart» draw with light in the dark A5

Set for creativity
Set for creativity

This is a great gift for a child who is afraid to fall asleep in the dark. This tablet is very popular with children, as it is made in the form of an electronic gadget.

The child will be able to draw his own picture or use the help of stencils presented in the set.

You need to draw on the tablet in the dark so that the drawings can fully express themselves. With the help of such an activity, the motor skills of the baby’s fingers are trained, and his imagination develops.

The set contains the tablet itself, a flashlight for drawing, stencils and bright stickers with which the child can decorate the back of the tablet.

Set for creativity we draw with light in the dark A3

Set for creativity
Set for creativity

Every child can learn to paint with light. In this case, a game set with a tablet in A3 format will help him. On its surface, with the help of a flashlight, the baby will depict a variety of drawings. During such an activity, he will forget about his fear of the dark, as he will be fully involved in the creative process.

The set includes a tablet, stencils, a pen-shaped flashlight, stylish stickers and glowing star stickers.

Any of the «Heroes of the Light» drawing sets will be a great gift for a child for the holiday. It will certainly turn out to be one of the most memorable presents that the baby will not want to part with.

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