Very often the question arises: “What to choose? Daily or weekly? Let’s figure out together what is perfect for you!

What do they have in common?

Habit tracker

You can come up with any regular business you like, keep track, keep statistics, thereby understanding why you succeed or fail to do something. What can be tracked in the habit tracker? The regularity of playing sports, proper nutrition, reading books (pages), the regularity of getting up early, quitting smoking and alcohol, attending classes / webinars / lectures and much more.

Letter to the future

Goals for the future are a very important tool for organizing your life. They work when you clearly state what you want to achieve! It is they who allow us to understand how much we have outgrown ourselves and become better. Dream and plan!

useful shelf

This is a very convenient thing for those who care about knowledge and who love to read. A bookshelf is needed in order not to lose books that you want to read in the future. And also, I would like to recommend your best books to someone in the future.

What to watch?

This film is like a «bookshelf». Here you also write down the films you wanted to watch, or your favorite series, cartoons, etc.

A wish list

It is very important to know what you really want. The more specific you want something, the more likely it is that your wish will come true. Write down your wishes and follow them.

Monthly planning

This is a convenient monthly calendar where you not only write down important dates, meetings, but also set yourself strategic goals and tasks for the month.

What are the differences between our undated gliders?

It’s all about the gliding blocks and your approach to flying the glider!
Therefore, one of them is called a daily, and the other weekly.

Let’s take a closer look at the blocks together:



I recommend the weekly:

— those who like to plan and see all the affairs for the week;

— if you like creative design;

— for those who know no boundaries;

— suitable for maintaining a client base of salons, for example, manicurists, stylists, wedding planners, etc.

Plan for the week

— reversal for the week;

— need to buy;

— things to do;

— notes.

I recommend a diary:

— those who like to plan in detail;

— if it is important for you to see your activity during the day;

— aimed at those who plan a lot and control their affairs every day.

planning block

— important and additional tasks;

— schedule of the day;

— water balance;

— habit tracker;

— productivity of the day;

— the note.


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