Sticks in hand — and go! If you want to choose a sport with a minimal possibility of injury, tone your body, lose extra pounds, improve your health without overloading your spine and knees, then rather read why this stick model is so good for Nordic walking.

An ideal choice for those who value quality

Extendable telescopic aluminum three-section poles

Suitable for those who are just starting to practice Nordic walking or already have such experience. Sliding sticks are convenient because they can be adjusted to any height, a convenient height ruler allows you to adjust them in a matter of minutes. When folded, their length is only 65 cm, and the maximum length is 135 cm.

Anti-shock function

This feature cushions impacts with a shock absorbing spring that reduces the impact on your upper body joints.

Ergonomic handle shape

It will help to avoid slipping, as well as unnecessary load on the hands during repulsion and correctly distribute the load.

Soft lanyards with increased reliability

Provide comfort and ease of use.

Additional nozzles

Visors for soil will help not to fall when walking, and rubber tips-boots for asphalt and crushed stone will soften the blows.

factory quality

Will serve faithfully for more than one season.

nice bonus

As a gift with the purchase, you will receive a convenient durable case for sticks, which will solve the issue of transportation. Four colors to choose from — choose yours!

You can continue to spend money on fitness marathons and a gym, or you can just buy trekking poles for the price of dinner at a restaurant and use them all year round!

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