Razvivashki: how to captivate a child?


In order for your child to learn words faster, learn to write or count, it is very important to help him with this. And it’s very easy to do — you just need to turn your classes into an exciting game. We’ve found some cool and inexpensive learning materials to help you make learning easy and productive. It remains only to choose what you will do!

Educational cards

A series of developing cards will help your child learn words faster, as well as learn to associate them with real objects, phenomena, animals. And all this thanks to clear photographs on the cards. Show the child pictures, naming the depicted object, play “edible — inedible”, “living — not living”, lay out the cards into categories, ask them to find all the cards with the same figures on the back. All you need is to find your own version of the game that you and your child will like!


Puzzles help train fine motor skills, spatial thinking and imagination. Such activities have a positive effect on memory and attention, because the baby needs to constantly keep the picture in his head and think about which detail is suitable. Collecting a picture from small details is an activity that develops patience and perseverance. These qualities will be useful to the baby when he goes to school.


You can learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and names of animals, as well as the rules of the road in a fun way with the help of an electric quiz. The child will be interested in interacting with the interactive pen, which will always tell you whether he answers correctly or not.


A simple and bright mosaic is suitable for even the smallest. This is a great toy for developing creative, spatial and logical thinking, memory, perseverance and attention.

It is often easy to interest a child, but to keep his interest is not so easy. Therefore, choose the right educational toys so that the child not only has fun, but also learns something new all the time.


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