On a walk with the baby: how to easily and comfortably change a diaper away from home


Modern mothers are not accustomed to sitting in an apartment without getting out, especially in good weather. And they do it right! Motherhood is not a reason to refuse forays into nature and walks not only in the courtyard of the house.

But mom is visited by a lot of fears, and one of them is what if the baby needs to change a diaper? How to do it quickly and comfortably for everyone, if you are far from civilization? In the article, we will share life hacks that will help mothers not be afraid of changing a diaper anywhere.

What to take with you for a walk with a child

So, you and your baby have decided to go on a picnic or relax by the river. Time in the fresh air flies unnoticed, and now it’s time for the baby to change the diaper. There is no changing table nearby, no room for mother and child. Only you, chirping birds and a clearing with fragrant flowers. Well, and a bench if you are walking in the park.

At such moments, a whirlwind of thoughts rushes through my mother’s head. Where to put the baby? Will he feel uncomfortable or cold? And what if during the change of panties he pee or something more serious?

No panic!

For a comfortable diaper change, the GlorYes waterproof diaper is useful(https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/6933814/detail.aspx?targeturl=xs?utm_source=wildberries&utm_medium=wbguru&utm_campaign=wbguruneprom1 ). It is very light and compact, so it will fit into even the smallest handbag without weighing it down. This is the first and most important thing to put in your backpack.

We also recommend taking with you:

  • wet wipes,
  • water bottle,
  • spare diaper,
  • cloth handkerchiefs or dry wipes.

Changing a diaper with a waterproof diaper: a step-by-step plan of action

  • Lay the diaper in the stroller, on a bench, or directly on the grass if there is absolutely nothing nearby.
  • Put the baby on the diaper. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, so the baby will be comfortable.
  • Change your diaper. If your baby decides to pee at this point, just blot the diaper with a tissue and it will be dry again!
  • Roll up the diaper and put it in your bag. It takes up very little space, so you don’t have to think about how to fit it in your bag.
  • Ready! You are a beauty, and the baby is dry, clean and happy.

I want it to be beautiful!

And this is understandable. Gone are the days of the same type of dull diapers and vests. A waterproof diaper can also be pleasing to the eye and be attractive.

GlorYes waterproof diaper has dozens of different colors: from the cutest bunnies, mice and dinosaurs to delicate butterflies and exotic coconuts. Take your pick! Combine! Order!(https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/70436214/detail.aspx?targeturl=xs?utm_source=wildberries&utm_medium=wbguru&utm_campaign=wbguruneprom1 ).

Now you and your baby can safely explore the world even away from shopping centers, alone with yourself and nature. No extra thoughts — just enjoying the summer sun and fresh air. The main thing — do not forget to take a GlorYes waterproof diaper with you.(https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/6933813/detail.aspx?targeturl=xs?utm_source=wildberries&utm_medium=wbguru&utm_campaign=wbguruneprom1 )

Let every walk be comfortable for you!


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