Life hacks: how to economically pack a child for school


There are a couple of weeks left until the first of September, and you haven’t bought anything for your child for school yet?! No panic! A couple of tips on how to do everything in time and do it efficiently.

WE DISTRIBUTE purchases for a year, without trying to buy everything at once. We analyze what is needed for the next month or two and buy what we need. You can write a plan with reminders on your phone when you need it. This will help distribute the budget and not spend a large amount at once. And purchases will be used, and not wait in line.

WE ANALYZE what can be used from the “last year”. Or perhaps something left from older siblings. We are not shy and ask relatives and friends, maybe someone has the accessories we need in good condition. Conscious consumption is in vogue today, explain this to your children as well.

SCHOOL CLOTHING — we try to choose elements that will allow us to create the maximum number of combinations. Look at the Internet lessons from stylists, there are many interesting ideas.

SCHOOL SHOES — treat her choice with special attention. High-quality shoes will help you not only save money, but also keep children’s feet healthy.

Analyze how many shoes you will need for a year. Choose high quality genuine leather shoes. Choose the right size. Do not buy shoes for growth, the maximum margin for the insole can be no more than one centimeter. Pay attention in the description of the goods on which leg — narrow, wide or normal, the model fits.

The assortment of the IRIDIS brand includes a large selection of shoes for school, including interchangeable ones. All IRIDIS shoes are made only from genuine leather. Choose the model that suits you.

The full range of trendy models is in the IRIDIS catalog.


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