How will kaolin clay help cleanse your intestines and bring the microflora in order?


Our body is a well-oiled mechanism for thousands of years, which has a clear system for responding to failures. And in moments when the intestines need help, your body will «sound the alarm.» How not to miss such a cry for help? Let’s figure it out. 👩‍⚕

1. Regular SARS. Perhaps someone did not know, but our intestines are the backbone of all immunity, because it is the intestines that account for up to 80% of the entire body’s defense system. The well-coordinated work of bacteria and immunity forms immune responses, synthesizes antibodies, and fights back against viral infections.

2. Diarrhea and constipation. When you are tormented by such symptoms, the intestines simply beg for help. Many people think that the solution to the problem will be the rejection of solid food, but the correct option here is a colon cleanse.

3. Problem skin. Dermatitis, pimples, allergies are the first signs of a malfunction in the intestinal microflora. The nuances of the skin are not always associated with external factors. It is not for nothing that experienced dermatologists give a referral to a gastroenterologist, the connection between the intestines and the skin is so strong. With an imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract, vitamins and other beneficial substances are poorly absorbed and simply “do not reach” the skin, which makes it more receptive to nutrition and the environment.

4. Overweight. There can be many reasons for being overweight, from an imbalance in consumption and calorie intake, to problems with the endocrine system. But often excess weight comes due to improper functioning of the intestines: exotoxins and endotoxins (toxins obtained from outside or formed inside the body) are poorly excreted and slow down metabolism. A slow metabolism = extra pounds on the scales.

5. Decreased mood. 😟 The colors of the world have gone out, irritation is growing, and from the news you “grab” only the negative agenda… It’s time to think about putting your body in order! A clogged intestine blocks the absorption of tryptophan, from which, in turn, the «happiness hormone» — serotonin — is synthesized.

❗How will kaolin clay help cleanse your intestines and bring the microflora in order?

Kaolin is a universal enterosorbent. Clay will cleanse your body at the cellular level, attracting slags and toxins to itself, and “expelling” them from our intestines.

Cleaning is best done in several stages:
a) Preparatory. Your digestion needs to prepare for the cleansing. The first five days we switch to a healthy diet: first of all, we eat foods with a lot of dietary fiber and fiber (cereals, bran, peppers, apples, cabbage, pears, citrus fruits, kiwi, carrots and beets). Unfortunately, «goodies» in the form of fried, salted, smoked and flour will have to be limited.

b) After five days of preparation, you can start drinking clay. One tablespoon per glass of water, mix thoroughly and leave for several hours to increase the pH of the water. It is best to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Kaolin will begin to “take away” stagnant slags with it, neutralize and remove toxins. The course is three weeks. From the 6th day of taking kaolin, you can gradually return “goodies” to the diet.

Our intestines perform one of the key roles in the functioning of the body, and if we take care of it in a timely manner, it will thank us: clean skin, good mood, improved digestion and weight loss are provided.


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