A very popular question. White or light colored towels can be washed at 90 degrees with bleach or boiled. Colors can be pre-soaked and a stain remover can be used.

But, girls, let’s be sincere, there is no such miracle remedy for washing very dirty towels with grease stains and traces of other kitchen joys. There is no such «smart» stain remover that would remove stains and not wash out the paint, turning a beautiful towel into a faded rag.

And in order to keep the towels looking beautiful for longer, change the towels every day, do not bring the towel to the state of “it’s easier to throw it away”, keep a few clean towels in stock — then your kitchen will shine with cleanliness!

We know one effective and easy way to clean kitchen towels. The most efficient and effective way to remove stains from kitchen towels is to soak them for a few hours before washing, but overnight is best. To do this, you can use improvised means: Salt. Helps to get rid of stains of tomato, coffee, red wine. We make a solution in the proportion of 1 tbsp. salt per 1 liter of warm water, soak in it with towels for at least an hour, and then wash it with the recommended method for caring for your towels. Hostesses, share your effective secrets, how do you remove stains on kitchen towels?

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