How to reduce the amount of wool in the house

Life with pets is full of happiness: they bring us joy, affection and love. From their devoted look it becomes warmer, and how pleasant it is to stroke soft silky wool. However, wool has a big minus — it accumulates in the apartment, clings to clothes and can cause allergies in the owners. Let’s see how to quickly get rid of wool in the house.

Option 1. Grooming a pet

Grooming is an excellent caring complex, where professionals bring the animal’s coat into excellent condition. In addition, fluffy can be made a fashionable hairstyle. Some owners do not recognize their pets after the first grooming, they are so coolly transformed during the procedure. However, this service has a minus: its cost is not budgetary, especially if you need to make a creative haircut. In addition, the pet may experience stress from a stranger and environment. To minimize furry anxiety as much as possible, you can invite a groomer to your house. If you want to reduce the amount of hair in the house without cutting your pet, use the option below.

Option 2. Combing with a comb for cats and dogs

Combing is one of the most important components of home care. In the spring, the animals shed their undercoat and shed it, and in the fall they build it up and become more fluffy. At the same time, the dead undercoat can be easily combed out with a furminator — a special comb for animals with metal teeth. The blade of the scratcher is sharpened in a special way so as not to injure the delicate skin of the pet, so it is suitable for both kittens and puppies, as well as adult cats and dogs. It is enough to carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week in order to reduce the shedding of the pet by up to 90%, which means that there will be much less hair in the house. In addition, combing at home will not cause anxiety in the animal. A great option for a comb is the link below (do not forget to watch a cool cat video there)

Option 3. Effective cleaning

Do you think that now there will be tips about daily cleaning, for which we simply do not have enough energy after work? Don’t worry, you don’t need to grab a vacuum cleaner every day, because most of the wool settles only in local areas: furniture, carpets, clothes and beds. They can be cleaned easily and quickly with a wool brush. With simple movements, the scraper will collect wool, hair, pile and spools from the desired surfaces. Surprisingly simple and very convenient product for the home, while not taking up much space. We attach a variant of a clothes scraper especially for you below:

Every caring owner wants his pet to be healthy and happy. Without them, our life would not be so sweet, naive and merciful. They teach us kindness, responsibility and care. So let the younger brothers continue to warm you with their sincere love, and you, in turn, give them health and happiness without extra wool in the house.

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