How to protect the child from places where his interest strives to get?


We strive to surround the child with care, provide comfort and safety. But what to do if dangers await a small miracle not only on the street, but also at home?

Solution found! These are indispensable helpers for the order in the house and the safety of your child — locks for doors, windows, toilets and dangerous cabinets!

How it works? The child lock blocker is attached to the doors of cabinets, refrigerator, windows, toilet bowl — anywhere! The child lock will not allow the child to open anything with the usual movement. As a result, the child will not be able to harm himself, and the order of the house is reliably protected by a blocker! The main element of the device — reliable 3M adhesive tape — keeps well on all surfaces and leaves no marks after removal.

The child lock will fit perfectly into any interior: the minimalist design of the device, the presence of two colors — all this will make it either a great addition to your home, or provide almost complete invisibility. Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the windows, in the cupboards – child safety is possible throughout the house!
When ordering our blockers, you get 6 locks from children, as well as instructions on how to use them correctly.

The ideal home assistant is already yours! Just follow the link and make your life easier. Looking forward to your orders and feedback.

With care for you


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