How to make your home cozy


The word «home» is perceived differently by different people, and although, by definition, a dwelling is that same home, the importance of a truly homely atmosphere cannot be denied. Making it feel like home isn’t easy, it takes time and a personal touch, and there are a few key things to keep in mind when trying to make your home feel like home.


The classic mantra that books create a certain atmosphere in a room is certainly not unfounded. If you want to create a stylish yet traditional atmosphere in your living room, consider a bookcase. It’s not even about how large your collection is — try decorating your shelves with paintings, knick-knacks, and vases to create a range of alternative touches.

Armchair chair

There is hardly anything that can create the same feeling of comfort as the right chair. Its luxury or restraint forms the image of the living room and is the main element in creating comfort, style and ease. A mid-century design with a wooden back is a great option to create a vintage vibe, while bulky chairs with velvet upholstery will give the room a bit of aggressiveness and not at all feel anachronistic.

Cushioned furniture

Upholstered furniture is necessary to create a real home comfort. Woolen throws on the sofa or wide «bohemian» runners on the dining table will add coziness and warmth to the space of your room. Combine discreet and bold colors — you will find that the style of decoration and the fabrics used can change depending on the season.


Indoor plants will help breathe life into your interior, make it brighter and more organic. Do not neglect the gifts of nature, let a wide variety of flora take root in your home: both deciduous plants, and exotic aloes, orchids, creepers … They are unpretentious, they are easy to buy, and bamboo and yucca are for those who are ready to provide them with enough space in their home.

Candles, candlesticks

They can be not just a trifle for the mood, but also a full-fledged decorative piece of furniture. Compositions of large candles of different heights on a wooden or glass tray look especially beautiful. You can put this in the bedroom or living room. Concise models for one candle are in trend, but it is better to put several of these candlesticks side by side. Current colors: clear, silver, gold, copper, matt white, beige or black.


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