How to make the kitchen cozy


Do you often think about how to create comfort in the kitchen? The JoyArty team has prepared some simple rules for you!

Rule one: order in the kitchen — a guarantee of comfort! Whatever elegant and expensive interior design is chosen, all efforts will be fruitless if chaos reigns in the kitchen. A beautiful place will immediately lose its appeal. Yes, and cooking is much more convenient if everything is in its place.

Rule two: focus on the dining area! The main focus of the kitchen design is the table and chairs. The dining area should be the center of the room. Therefore, for its design, it is necessary to choose decor and materials with the greatest attention.

Rule three: don’t forget fresh flowers! If it is not possible to place a massive living wall of weaving plants in the kitchen, you can limit yourself to a few pots on the windowsill. The main thing is to place the flowers away from open flames.

Rule four: get rid of unnecessary details! The abundance of small details and excessive decor can deprive the kitchen space of comfort. If there is a desire to add interesting accents to the interior, this must be done in compliance with the measure.

Rule five: unity of style! When designing a kitchen space, it is important to maintain a single style, do not forget about lighting, which will help to zone the kitchen and set competent accents.

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