How to make a house cozy?


We all dream of making our home warmer and more comfortable. When decorating your home, you need to find the right balance between functionality, comfort and style.

There are several solutions with which you can make a beautiful and stylish interior for your home.

one. Hand made things are the number one rule in a stylish interior.

Products made by hand or the hands of craftswomen will always look stylish and original in your home.

Houses for tea, vases, rugs from childhood, knitted toys, unusual tapestry — these products add individuality.

Your home is a reflection of your tastes and creative preferences.

2. The beautiful rule of three.

The «three» rule is actively used in decoration and styling. The trio of items looks visually more appealing and more balanced.

Start small and decorate a small table or bathroom with a set of three crocheted knitted baskets from Creative Workshops «Silver Years». And you will see how attractive your space will look.

3. Original carpets in several layers.

Yes, it’s back in fashion! Put one small carpet on top of a large one, for example, a carpet from childhood from the Creative Workshops «Silver Years» on a more neutral color and such a design move will make the room more comfortable and stylish and divide the space into zones.

four. Chair covers — a new standard in a stylish interior.

Now in the world of advanced technologies, newfangled designs, knitted rugs-covers for chairs occupy a special place in the interior.

With the help of mats-covers from Creative Workshops, you can always change the color scheme of the chairs and diversify your interior, and the covers will protect your chairs from scuffs and chips for a long time.

5. Your home is your creative fortress.

Real life houses filled with things that their owners love.

Musical instruments, books, rugs, baskets, vases, frames… And it’s so wonderful!

After all, the easiest and most reliable way to make your home more stylish and cozy is to add more information about what you like and about you!

Love your home and decorate it with your life and love.

And our masters of the older generation will help you with this!


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