All mothers and fathers want their child to be happy, but we do not always understand what exactly the child needs for this? Most child health professionals recommend following three basic rules to achieve your goal.

  • Happy parents — happy child!

This is true, smiling dad and mom are the most beautiful thing your child can see.

  • Spending time together with family.

While the child is small, this is especially true. He is interested in doing everything with his parents. Sometimes, we do not have enough time for joint games or walks, but there is always a way out of the situation, you need to adapt a little. For example, in the evening after work, you can set aside 30 minutes a day for joint games. Active walks, cinema, cafes and other joys of life are welcome on weekends. Even if a lot of household chores have accumulated, you can always distribute responsibilities between spouses. Nothing will happen if the child walks with dad on Saturday, and on Sunday with mom, everyone will have some free time for personal affairs. And instead of shopping, you can always shop at WILDBERRIES— here you can buy everything!

  • Praise and support.

We often criticize our children and do not skimp on comments, but at the same time we forget to praise them. Receiving praise — the child understands that he is doing everything right. When it comes to support, children of all ages need it. Make it a rule to ask your child every day how his day went? Most importantly, listen carefully to the answers, the child will talk about the most exciting and interesting, and you can always support him.

And of course, all sorts of little things also bring children a lot of joy. A new toy, fashionable sneakers or an accessory will cause a lot of pleasant emotions.

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