How to keep children safe during summer holidays?


Summer is the time for rest and travel. During the summer holidays, children spend a lot of time without adult supervision, and it is clear that not a single childhood passes without scratches, abrasions and bruises. As a result, during the holidays, the number of accidents and various unpleasant situations with children increases significantly. PRAVOCARD lawyers urge parents to explain and remind children of the necessary safety rules. After all, ensuring the safety of children in the summer is primarily the task of parents.

Rules for the personal safety of the child in everyday life

  • Do not open the door for anyone, even if a neighbor has come. The front door should only be opened by adults. If someone unfamiliar tries to open the door, you should immediately call the police on 02 or 112 and give your exact address, then call neighbors and passers-by for help from a window or balcony.
  • You can’t tell strangers on the phone that you are currently alone at home.
  • Do not engage in long conversations with strangers on the phone. To strangers, you can answer like this: “Mom is very busy right now and cannot answer the phone,” and ask who you need to call back.
  • If in a telephone conversation a stranger said that someone would come or come at the request of the parents, do not believe it, unless mom or dad themselves called or informed about it in advance.

Safety rules for children on the Internet

  • You cannot disclose your personal information. For example, if the site requires you to enter your name, it is better to just come up with an alias (another name).
  • Never fill in the lines where you need to enter your personal information: address, last name, date of birth, phone number, last names and names of friends, their coordinates. Fraudsters can take advantage of this not only in virtual, but also in real life.
  • Never, without the knowledge of adults, send SMS to receive information from the Internet. Sometimes a window pops up — very bright, blinking, with something like this: «Only today — a unique chance — participate and win!» or “In order to take part in the draw, you need to send SMS!”. In no case do not click on such messages without the knowledge of adults, as these may be scammers.

Fire safety rules for children

  • Do not play with matches, make sure that small children are not naughty with fire.
  • Do not play with electric heaters. This is dangerous! Electrical appliances that are plugged in and left unattended often cause fires.
  • If the first signs of fire or a fire were noticed, you need to call the fire department at 01, call your parents or ask your neighbors about it.
  • If you notice fire or smoke in the entrance, open a window or balcony and call for help.
  • If a fire broke out in an apartment, and adults are not at home, run away to the street, call 01, parents.
  • If it is not possible to go out the door to the street, immediately call for help from the balcony or window, call 01, parents.
  • During a fire, you should never hide under a bed or in a closet — it will be difficult for firefighters to find you.
  • During a fire, you can not use the elevator: it can get stuck between floors.

Putting out a fire is the job of adults, but even a child can call firefighters.

Rules of conduct on the street

  • Cross the road only when the traffic light is green. If there is no traffic light, you can only cross the road at a pedestrian crossing marked with a special sign and a zebra. When crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing, you need to look left and right, making sure that there are no cars.
  • If there is an underpass, it is better to use it when crossing the road.
  • Do not cross the road in front of the car.
  • Do not enter the roadway on a bicycle, moped, hoverboard, roller skates, etc.
  • If the baby lost his parents in an unfamiliar place, you need to stand where he was lost. After waiting a couple of minutes, contact the policeman, in the store — to the seller or to one of the employees.
  • Avoid deserted places, ravines, wastelands, abandoned houses, sheds, attics, basements.
  • If the child has found an unfamiliar object, in no case should it be disassembled, knocked on it or thrown. It may contain an explosive, radioactive or highly toxic substance.

How to behave in case of an attack

  • If it is possible to run, run immediately, considering the following rules:

— choose the path that is easy for you and unpleasant for your pursuers (mud, puddles, bushes, fence);

— if you have a low cliff, a slope, a high porch in front of you, you can and should jump.

  • If it was not possible to avoid meeting with criminals, then it is safer:

— at the first request of the robber to give money;

— do not get into arguments;

— speak calmly and slowly, confidently.

It is better not to play outside after the allowed time. Crimes against children are most often committed at night.

In order to avoid trouble in your family, PRAVOCARD lawyers recommend holding preventive conversations with your children more often. Try to spend as much time as possible during the holidays with the whole family: chat, laugh, walk, ride a bike, learn new things together.


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