How to help your child love books

Just five simple steps — and your child will ask to read

Therefore, it is not enough to teach children the skill of reading — you need to LOVE READING!

But how to do it when reading has so many competitors: gadgets, computer, TV?! All this is perceived by the child as pleasure, and books as work. Reading is boring and uninteresting. Do you want your child to think differently?

Catch 5 tips to help your kid love books

  1. Choose books with beautiful illustrations. Colorful illustrations will attract the attention of even the smallest child. Based on the drawings, it will be easier for the baby to perceive the plot by ear and think out, imagine the continuation. Children love to look at stories and discuss them with their parents.
  2. Read about the baby’s favorite cartoon characters. Or choose books about characters close to the child, something similar to him: age, hobbies, experiences.
  3. Studies have shown that children who choose books on their own get much more pleasure from reading. So give your child the opportunity to choose what to read. To do this, make sure that the child has access to the bookcase. And, of course, fill this closet with good children’s publications.
  4. Read aloud to your child! And better at night. From time to time, do not read the book to the end — let the baby wait for the next evening and continue. So you warm up interest in the plot and give free rein to children’s imagination. And the kid will be motivated to learn to read. He, unlike mom and dad, will definitely not be interrupted by the most exciting!
  5. Turn reading into a magical game! Make a special reading corner at home. For example, put up a wigwam, lay out soft pillows, pull a garland, plant your favorite toys nearby. Sit there with a very young child and read a fairy tale to him. With an older child, you can read by roles. Or let the baby read for toys. In the corner you can accommodate the whole family: each with his favorite book. After all, most of all the little reader needs your example.

Here are our reading kits. They are designed specifically to teach your little one to read in a fun way.

Smart Girl®. We speak — a set for the development of speech from birth. Bright books for the little ones will definitely fall in love with your child, and he will want to learn to read as soon as possible. An understanding book with bright dense pages will tell the baby about interesting animals. — talkers will expand the vocabulary of the child

Smart Girl®. Easy to read — a set of cubes and chart cards for learning to read by syllables.

Smart Girl®. Book warm-up — a set of books for the first reading. Books with funny poems and funny illustrations will teach the baby to read confidently. And the kid learns that poetry is not boring

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