How to help your baby with teething

Whims, loss of appetite, sleepless nights. These symptoms are often accompanied by teething in babies. During this period, more than ever, the baby needs parental attention and help in relieving itching during teething.

Although all methods are selected for each baby individually, we will talk about proven methods on how to alleviate the condition of the child and help to cope with unpleasant painful sensations.

How to help without drugs

  • Parents can relieve the baby’s pain by massaging the gums.

  • Move your finger back and forth along the gum, applying gentle pressure to the tissues. Massage can be carried out until the baby calms down. Remember that you need to massage the gums only with washed fingers and sterilized accessories.

  • To massage the gums, a silicone brush is suitable, which is worn on the finger.

  • Also, for a baby, you can purchase special teethers made of silicone with a gel-like substance inside at a pharmacy or a children’s store. Before using the teether, you need to cool it down a little by placing it in the refrigerator for a while. And then give it to the baby.

  • Chilled foods that you have already added to complementary foods will also help eliminate discomfort. The baby can be offered a slightly cool banana or an apple slice.

  • Offer breasts. The baby will calm down due to the action of several factors at once: massage of the gums, closeness to the mother, the calming effect of milk.

How to help with medication

Any drugs are used only in exceptional cases. For example, if a baby has a temperature of more than 38 degrees for more than a day, he is given a baby antipyretic, and an ointment, a gel with lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic.

From the unpleasant sensations of swelling of soft tissues will help: kalgel, kamistad, holisal, dentinox. Remember, in order to avoid allergic reactions, you should not rely on the reviews of girlfriends or comments on the Internet. Selection of drugs should be carried out by a pediatrician.

Folk remedies

Home methods are auxiliary, because they can not always completely eliminate pain. However, for some babies, these methods help to cope with discomfort.

  • Chamomile compress. Soak a cotton pad in chilled chamomile tea and then apply to the sore cheek. The cool solution will provide the gums with an additional cooling effect and relieve pain.

  • Soda solution. Dissolve 1 tsp. soda in a glass of clean warm boiled water, dip a cotton pad and wipe the gums. Such a tool helps not only to remove the pain, but also to disinfect the surface.

  • Diluted clove oil also has an analgesic effect and can quickly relieve inflammation and sore gums. Do not use the oil in its pure form, as it can burn the mucosa.

Before using alternative methods, you should also consult with your pediatrician.

Need to see a pediatrician

If a:

  • fever persists for 2-3 days

  • the new tooth is significantly darker or misshaped

  • the tooth sticks out of the arch or is too different from the teeth in the row

  • disordered teething

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