All children dream about something, and most often these dreams are connected with material things: someone dreams of a new toy, someone needs a smartphone, and someone even plans a trip to Disneyland. How to help a child save up for a dream, let’s try to figure it out together!

Make a wish list

The first thing you need to do is make a wish list with your child. Discuss with the child all the dreams, perhaps some of them are too simple and not so desirable, and already at this stage the son or daughter will want something else. After you decide on the most cherished ones (ideally, there should be one or two of them), proceed to the next step.

HEALTHY! At this stage, you may need a nice notepad and colorful pens. It is important for the child that the process is like a game.


Now you need to discuss with the child what kind of thing he wants. Be sure to find out the model, article, look for a product on the Internet and find out the cost. After that, decide on how long you need to accumulate a certain amount.

Break the whole amount into small ones and calculate how long it will take the child to save up for his dream. It is important for a child to understand how much he will need to save per week or per month.

Calculate income and make a spending plan

The first money your child will start saving is pocket money. Together, calculate how much the baby can spend every day on his own pleasures and how much he can save for a dream. It is important to find the golden mean here. If the kid will limit himself in pleasures for a long time, the moment may come when he will spend all the accumulated money on a fleeting hobby. And it’s no secret that this can lead to disappointment.

Make a savings table that will help you follow the process: together with your child, write down all income and deferred funds there.

If you see that it’s impossible to save in this way by a certain date, then consult with the baby and let him decide whether to continue saving more actively or buy the thing a little later, when the entire amount has been collected. If he does not like any of these options, then it’s time to optimize the budget: you will need to either reduce costs or increase income.

It is very important that the money set aside cannot be spent immediately! In this case, a piggy bank is ideal. You can try to offer your child different interesting models. For example, the now popular DINO piggy bank. Coins of any denomination are placed in the «mouth» of the piggy bank — rubles, cents, euros, yuan, etc. The kid can choose from 4 options: blue, pink, green or turquoise. Dinocoil will help the child save money and develop logic, counting, motivation, fine motor skills.

Older children can pick up piggy banks with beautiful names, for example, “I’m saving up for a dream”, “This is for my crosses”, etc., or in the form of safes.

If the child is already 14 years old, then he can save money to his own bank account.

How can parents help their child increase income?

Come up with special tasks for the child that he can complete, and agree on the amount that you will allocate to him for this. For example, ask to weed the beds in the country, or to clean the car — wipe the dust, vacuum.

Paying a child for regular work is inappropriate. Other family members do not receive money for doing their jobs. Therefore, invite your child to come up with different ways to earn money, for example, take a walk with a neighbor’s dog.

If you decide to pay your child for good grades in school, this is your choice. But it is better to honestly explain to the child why you need to study well.

Try to support the child while he saves for his dream: do not scold him if he suddenly breaks down and spends a small amount of money saved up. Try to budget together and teach your child financial literacy.

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