A series of educational cards «Look. I’m playing. Recognize» from the Meshcheryakov Publishing House will help to sort out this issue.

It has long been known that working with cards is perceived by the child as a game, and at the same time helps the child to get acquainted with the world around him, to distinguish objects, shapes and colors, as well as to look for similarities and differences, count, train memory, hearing, vision and, of course, imagination.

Series «Look. I’m playing. Recognize» are unusual, exciting tasks and games for children from a very early age. They will help develop mindfulness, logic, learn more about the world around you and make friends with the Russian and English alphabets.

Important distinguishing features of the cards of the series “Looking. I’m playing. Recognize»

one. Nothing extra! For a better perception by the baby of the cards, it is important that they be white, without distracting details — nothing should distract the child from the main picture. That is why on all cards of the series there is only an image of one object and a signature (a word denoting an image).

2. Realistic images. All items on the cards are illustrated with photographs, not schematic drawings — from an early age it is important for a child to see how objects look in life, to learn to relate them to the outside world.

3. Compactness. Each set contains 62-70 colored cardboard cards. Due to the fact that all cards are double-sided in each set, up to 140 pictures are obtained, which allows you to come up with even more interesting activities with them!

four. Versatility. All cards in the series are great for the development of children from 3 months to 6 years. Each set includes a variety of card games for all ages. And most importantly — sets can be combined!

5. Convenient design. The 85×110 mm format is optimal for both children and parents: our cards fit perfectly in a child’s hand and even in the smallest mother’s handbag!

In the series “Look. I’m playing. I recognize ”includes various thematic sets of cards that help to gradually complicate classes with the baby, introducing more and more new themes and games. All sets are designed to meet the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard and correspond to a certain age. And the whole complex of cards is able to «lead» the baby from breastfeeding to first grade (for example, the «Logic and Counting» cards are an extensive initial course that can perfectly prepare the baby for school mathematics).

We propose to figure out together how best to build work with the cards of the series.

Let’s turn to the very first, basic set of the series — set No. 1

This set contains 70 cards with photographs of what the baby sees at home, on the street, in the store, in the zoo or in the forest from the very first days of life. Therefore, it is perfect for the first acquaintance with developmental activities.

What is waiting for you inside?

Colored double-sided cardboard cards 85×110 mm

Seven thematic groups: plants, animals, food, furniture, clothing and footwear, vegetables and fruits, toys.

Main figures:square, rectangle, circle, oval, rhombus, triangle. star, heart and cross.

All colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple.

It is very convenient that each thematic group has a certain color (for example, on the back of cards from the “plants” group there are always green figures, “toys” are blue, etc.).

What to do with set #1?

Set No. 1 is the basis, the basis for the development of the baby. It includes the most basic topics with which you need to start classes. However, it is important to understand that this is not just a demonstration material, thanks to which the child will get acquainted with the objects around him. This is a multifunctional product. Each set contains many games. You can show the child pictures, talking about the depicted subject; play «edible-inedible»; ask the kid to find all the cards with the same shapes on the back or collect all the shapes of the same color.

To make it easier for you to start classes, we offer several detailed options for exciting games for different ages from 0 to 3 years.

Bring a picture (0+)

This is a game for the little ones. Place 4 cards in front of the child. Name the object depicted on one of them. The task of the child is to choose the right one from the cards laid out in front of him. Gradually, you can complicate the game by offering the child to choose from 6, 8 or 10 cards already.

Sorting (1-2 years)

Lay out cards from two different thematic groups in front of the child and offer to sort them:

— animals and furniture

— clothing and food

— plants and toys

— edible — not edible

— by color (for example, green and red)

— by shape (for example, circles and triangles)

Find the extra (2-3 years)

Lay out 4 cards in front of the child, three of which are united by one sign. The task of the child is to find an extra card.

For example:

— 3 blue cards, 1 — red (for the smallest);

— Banana, apple, orange, spinning top;

— Rooster, peacock, owl, bear;

— Car, truck, bus, refrigerator;

— Apple tree, spruce, oak, carrot

Be sure to discuss with your child why this item is superfluous.

What is missing?

Put 3 cards in front of the child. Ask him to turn away and remove or turn over one. Invite the child to remember what card was here. Increase the number of images over time.

With set cards, you can come up with many activities, just connect your imagination. And do not forget about the main rule — to play with the baby, do not study for too long (so as not to lose interest) and enjoy spending time together!

Be sure to share your ideas for games and activities with developing cards in the comments!

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