How to distract children from gadgets and instill interest in educational puzzles?


How to persuade a child to sit and collect puzzles if the kid does not want to concentrate on the game, is constantly distracted, runs around, is naughty, asks for cartoons?

The most important thing is that the process of the game is easy, interesting, does not overload and does not tire the child!

Unfortunately, it is now a common phenomenon that children prefer gadgets and watching cartoons, do not want to sit in one place, and the worst thing is that they do not want to think!

So, for example, watching a cartoon does not require much effort from the brain, you just need to sit and watch. And assembling the puzzle requires serious intellectual involvement and activation of brain activity. At the beginning, it may seem to the child that putting together a figure puzzle is too difficult, so he may be afraid that he will not succeed, and because of this, refuse to play. The most important thing here is to gradually involve the baby in the process from simple to complex. You do not need to immediately expect from the child that he will completely assemble the final picture on his own, we recommend gradually introducing the baby to the new toy, for this you can use the following game options in order:

  1. During the first introductory game, take the puzzle pieces out of the box and ask the child to sort the puzzle pieces — return the curly pieces back to the box (there are about 15-17 in each puzzle, car, train, lion, cat, dog, etc.), and leave the rest on the table, at the same time ask the baby to name the figures that he takes in his hands and describe, for example, this is a cat, she says «meow-meow», the cat loves milk and knows how to purr;

  2. Next time also take all the pieces out of the box, but this time ask the child to turn all the simple pieces color side down and turn all the shaped pieces color side up and comment on what colors are on the pieces;

  3. Then you can read the story to the kid, which is on a long insert, discuss it, ask him to retell it, ask him what he thinks, whether he likes Roma and his friends, what he remembers most;

  4. During the next game, assemble the puzzle yourself with the child, then pull out all the details of the toy and animal figures, and ask the child to complete the picture by putting back in turn the teddy bear, rocket, nesting doll, lion, car, and so on. Even when the baby at first will just watch how you collect the puzzle, this is already very useful. At the end, be sure to praise the baby and give him a medal for assembling the puzzle! The medal comes as a gift in each set;

  5. Now that the puzzle is already fully familiar to the child, assemble the puzzle together with the baby according to the diagram presented on the insert, ask them to name the heroes of the plot, discuss the picture itself and the plot. From this moment on, the baby will definitely not have the fear that he will not cope, he will boldly try to assemble the puzzle, he will ask himself to get the puzzle again, that he will collect it again and again! New neural connections will be formed, and the baby will become even smarter!

We are sure that our eco-friendly toy will become a significant contribution to the bright future of each of the children who will collect DOBRONRAV puzzles!

All the best!

Best regards, DOBRONRAV brand team


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