How to develop a child’s imagination without gadgets and the Internet


Remember how often you work with your children? Perhaps you just give your child a tablet or phone, and then watch him play another game. And the pictures in the game are so bright that the child already wants another toy with a new incomprehensible character. Wants right now. But the joy of a new toy quickly passes and you want something newer. Therefore, next time you will think twice before turning on a new fun on your phone.

There is one simple solution. Try to take your child to a more useful and less costly business — drawing.

This is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a skill that will come in handy in the future. Drawing develops imagination, fine motor skills and instills a sense of beauty. Even if initially it is beautiful — just blots or incomprehensible creatures. Everything will come with experience and practice, and soon your child will be able to draw characters from their favorite games and animated series. Perhaps it is you who is raising the young Da Vinci.

But who knows what your child will like more: watercolors, pastel crayons, or colored pencils and felt-tip pens will be enough for him? Therefore, in order not to guess, we suggest you pay attention to a complete set for drawing and creativity with professional components.

The kit includes:

colored pencils — 28 colors
oil paints — 24 colors
markers — 33 colors
watercolor paints -24 colors
pastel — 24 colors
brushes — 4 pcs
contour pencils — 2 pcs
eraser — 2 pcs
pencil sharpener — 1 pc
palette for mixing paints — 2 pcs

And all this is neatly stored in a beautiful suitcase, which is convenient to take with you. You can also immediately see if something is lost or not in its place, so the child immediately learns to put everything in its place.

If it’s difficult to start drawing something specific, try painting the characters in a coloring book with your child (comes as a gift with the purchase of a set). Then start outlining the contours of objects: at first it will not turn out very neatly, but then the lines will be clearer and smoother. Then try to draw from memory any familiar character. You can even try to copy from a soft toy.

At the same time, do not forget to praise the child, this will give confidence and will not turn away from drawing if something does not work out well the first time. And yes, participate in the process yourself, it’s fun. Even if you have to draw not with a brush, but with your finger. And a little advice from parent to parent — stock up on drawing paper.


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