How to create the right atmosphere at home with aromatherapy?


Hello everyone, my name is Makoeva Irina. I am the founder of MiM fragrance products company. Today we will discuss the topic of home comfort. How to create the right atmosphere at home with the help of aromatherapy?

Each house is a reflection of the individuality of its owners, which is formed from the details. When designing our interior, we pay great attention to its visual side, but completely forget about one of the important senses — the sense of smell. It is worth paying special attention to the choice of home perfumes. The olfactory memory of a person is very strong, the smell will be fixed in the mind for a long time as the aroma of your home for you and as an association with you for your loved ones. According to psychologists, various smells can affect emotional and physical health.

Let’s analyze the TOP 3 ways to aromatize a room.

A diffuser is a vessel with a perfumed oily liquid, the smell of which spreads due to its gradual evaporation through bamboo or reed sticks inserted into the container. This option is convenient because it aromatizes the space constantly and does not require additional maintenance. The saturation of the aroma is regulated by the number of sticks, the more there are, the brighter the smell will be felt. Aromafidduzer will provide you with a lasting effect and safety for the health of your loved ones. It is perfect for any room, it will create coziness and improve mood.

Scented candle — will immerse you in an atmosphere of maximum relaxation. It will be a great addition to your morning rituals, delicious breakfasts, meditations and working atmosphere. And in the evening it will immerse you in carelessness, comfort and romance. Massage candles during the bath will create the necessary relaxed atmosphere, and after the melted wax can be used as a nourishing oil body care. Or please your partner with an unforgettable massage.

Advantages of coconut wax aroma candles:

— Naturalness (100%!),

— Hypoallergenic, ⠀

— Safe for children

— Intense scent

— Does not breathe for a long time

— Economic consumption (30-90 hours).

Room sprays are the quickest and easiest way to fill your space with your favorite fragrance, eliminate bad odors and freshen up your home textiles. It can be sprayed onto bed linen, upholstery and clothing. The fragrance is more intense in the air, but lasts longer on the fabric.

Due to the nature of the impact, certain fragrances are recommended for specific rooms:

For the hallway, we advise you to choose coffee, orange, bergamot, pine needles. They will give a warm and positive impression.

Cuisine — sweet smells of spices, awakening the appetite. It can be vanilla, cinnamon or ramarin.

Living room — light citrus aromas or woody. Not intrusive and cozy, perfect for family evenings or meeting with friends.

Bedroom and bathroom — lavender, mint and juniper for relaxation or sandalwood, patchouli, amber and jasmine for sensuality.

For children, soothing chamomile, eucalyptus, and sage, or uplifting ginger, thyme, and coriander.

Cabinet — invigorating aromas of lemon, tangerine and coffee, which can relieve headaches and signs of overwork.

First you need to make sure that all residents are not allergic to interior perfume components.

Aroma for the interior can be anything. And no one can pick it up better than the owners. It will become an excellent assistant in creating a warm, cozy and recognizable atmosphere of your home. Experiment with perfume compositions, this will improve your mood and express yourself.


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