Such an abundance of bright colors in stores, of course, pleases the eye. But the more we look, the more questions. How to choose an image in rich colors and stay satisfied?

Here are some tips.

1) If there are 3 colors in the image, then 2 of them should be close to each other, and the 3rd can be absolutely opposite. For example, an orange top and pink trousers, and a bag or shoes can be blue or neon

Or blue trousers and a blue or green top. Then the bag or shoes can be worn orange or pink


2) Dilute bright colors with neutral ones: white or black. That is, green shorts, a green shirt will be more calm with a black crop top and dark sandals

And boldly dilute bright purple trousers, shorts, shirts with a white top and / or white shirt

3) We observe the proportions: if there are 3 colors in the image and 30% for each, then there is a chance to look like a traffic light)

That is, it is better to take 70% of the image for close colors or one main one, and leave 30% for a contrasting color. For example, dark purple trousers, black accessories and shoes will be the basis of the image, and a contrasting shirt will be an addition. Or purple trousers will complement the look with a white shirt, top and accessories. A bright green top will become a color accent to the dominant calm brown.

Happy summer shopping!

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