Textile products, such as towels, are indisputably in every home. Let’s figure out in this article how to choose a quality towel that will last a long time and will suit your requirements.

Materials for making towels

For the production of towels, natural and synthetic materials are used. Consider some of them to understand which towel is better to choose.


Cotton perfectly absorbs moisture, is a hypoallergenic material, has a soft texture. It is great for kids and their parents. Cotton fabrics have a high weave density, so they will serve you in good faith for a long time. It is an environmentally friendly material that is safe for everyday use, and besides, it is affordable.

Important! Among the shortcomings, one can single out the fact that it dries slowly, is prone to wrinkling, deformation is possible after the first wash.


This is a natural material that is highly hypoallergenic, absorbs moisture well, but products made from it are a little rough. These towels have a massage effect.


Such products are more often used for decoration than for direct intended use. They are beautiful, but very poorly absorb moisture. They can also be used to warm the body.

waffle towels

One of the varieties of cotton towels that have no lint. They are suitable for the kitchen and can also be used for the bath.


For the production of terry towels, materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo are used, sometimes with impurities of synthetic fibers. The result is a soft, fluffy fabric, the surface of which is decorated with long soft loops. This material absorbs moisture well, is hypoallergenic and durable, withstands a large number of washes, while maintaining its original appearance.

Important! The disadvantages of the material include the following points — the terry dries longer with a high density of the fabric and is unstable to mechanical stress.


This is a new modern material, which is produced using a unique technology and has high bactericidal properties. Bamboo fabric has an average density, so such products weigh a lot, but they absorb moisture well. In addition, the fabric does not absorb odors, is durable and is not affected by mold and mildew.

Important! Of the minuses, one can note the high cost and complexity of care.


Beech, pine or eucalyptus wood is used as raw material for this unique material. Products made from this material are practical, lightweight, durable and wear-resistant. Plus, they have a special softness due to the special weaving of the threads. But this material can cause allergies.


Natural material made from eucalyptus cellulose fiber. Products made from this material are suitable for people with different skin types and are not recommended for small children and allergy sufferers. The material absorbs moisture well, has high strength, does not cause allergies, does not electrify, does not lose its appearance for a long period.


For the production of this material, synthetic fibers obtained from the processing of petroleum products are used. But despite the fact that the material is completely synthetic, it is in demand for the manufacture of towels and other textile products. It is durable, dries quickly, does not fade, is resistant to deformation and damage. But at the same time, it does not absorb moisture well and is highly electrified.


This popular material is also synthetic and made from oil refinery waste. Polyester has a number of positive characteristics: it is light, practical, resistant to deformation and cheap.

Important! Of the minuses — low moisture absorption.


Microfiber towels are practical and durable, dry quickly and do not require ironing, and they do not cause allergic reactions. But they quickly lose their attractive appearance.

How to choose the density of towels?

Towel Density — Density is determined by the number of fibers used to make one square centimeter of material, measured in grams per square meter. The density index also depends on the type of yarn that is used to make the material.

As a rule, the density indicator is indicated on the label. The higher this value, the better the product absorbs water. On average, the value of the indicator ranges from 350-750 g / m2.

Important! Lightweight fabrics absorb moisture but dry faster. Too high density will cause the towel to dry for a very long time.

  • Pile length — the average length of the pile is 3.5-8.5 mm. A short pile does not absorb moisture well, and too long pile wears out quickly and becomes unusable. The most optimal value is 5 mm.
  • The degree of rigidity — if the towel is too soft, it means that the composition includes synthetic fibers that reduce moisture absorption. These towels are suitable for people with sensitive skin, children and the elderly.

Important! Some products are decorated with embroidery or appliqué. Jewelry should be securely fastened and not cause discomfort when wiped. The embroidery threads should be soft and well drawn into the fabric.

Types of towels

Depending on the purpose, towels are divided into the following categories.

Bath towel

These are the largest towels, it is nice to wrap yourself in them after a shower or bath. How to choose a bath towel? Most importantly, it should perfectly absorb moisture, be soft and gentle to the touch. Most often, these products are terry.

Take a look at You.Home.J brand bath towels. The towels are exceptionally soft. The optimal length of the pile and the density of towels 500 g/m2 allow you to perfectly absorb moisture and dry quickly enough.

Kitchen towel

They wipe their hands, dishes, all kinds of spilled liquids, so for the kitchen they choose waffle, linen and terry towels of low density.

In the You.Home.J brand store, pay attention to towels art. 66196022. They perfectly absorb moisture, dry quickly, natural shades decorate the interior, and a loop on each towel allows you to hang it on a hook.

For washing

Washing towels are in contact with delicate and sensitive skin, so they should be chosen very carefully. Bamboo products are best suited for this.

You.Home.J towels are made from a 30% bamboo, 70% cotton blend. This allows you to combine in products softness, tenderness and care for the skin of the face, with excellent absorbency and quick drying of the fabric.

For hands and feet

Towels for hands and feet are small in size, the main requirements here are good absorbency and a pleasant appearance.

The following towel sets include 2 towels: a large bath towel and a small one suitable for hands or feet.

Baby towels

For the smallest members of the family, you need to choose special towels. Usually on sale there are special soft products that have double-sided weaving of threads and a bright pattern. These towels are often equipped with a hood.

Beach towel

Such products must successfully cope with two functions: they must be perfect for sunbathing on the beach and for drying off after swimming. Good absorbency, lightness and large size are especially appreciated.

Our You.Home.J branded towels are bright summer colors and medium weight, making the towel not too thick and easy to fit in your bag.

wedding towel

Such towels are made of linen, usually they are decorated with hand embroidery in the form of doves, swans or larks.

massage towel

Massage towels are more rigid, they are designed specifically to soothe and relax the body. This is achieved through a strictly calculated combination of cotton and linen.

Tips for Choosing Towels

To choose a good quality towel, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • It is very important to pay attention to the edges of the product. The seams should be clear and uniform, and all threads should be cut off. Basically, the edges are processed with an overlock or a seam. The second option is preferable.
  • Uniform and durable coloring. Poor quality paint can be found even in the store. You just need to attach a damp white cloth to the product. If the fabric is dyed, then such a product will not withstand even several washes, but will dye everything in its path.
  • If you choose a bath towel, then apply it to the skin, it should be soft to the touch.

Important! Ideally, every housewife should have several types of towels for different occasions in the house. This is especially true for products intended for the kitchen:

  • Expensive high-quality linen towels will serve as an excellent decoration for the festive table.
  • Synthetic towels are good for cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom, they are easy to clean from dust or dirt, and they will not stain windows or mirrors.
  • Waffle towels are ideal for hands and utensils, they are not as expensive as linen towels and are much more durable than synthetic counterparts.

Now you know everything about towels and are ready to choose the best textiles for your home. Think in advance how much and what items you will need. Save time and nerves from going shopping malls and check out the You.Home.J brand store on WB “link”.

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