How to choose waffle towels and where to use them


In every home there are «fighters of the invisible front» — things, appliances and textiles that make life easier and allow you to cope with daily tasks faster and more efficiently.

These helpers, no doubt, include waffle towels. Often their role is underestimated, but in reality they are universal products that can be used in a variety of fields.

What are waffle towels made of?

Waffle fabric is made from cotton. Its main feature and advantage is its characteristic texture, reminiscent of a crunchy delicacy loved by many. Waffle fabric is made by woven method using a special fiber interlacing technology — waffle overlap, which provides the material with a cellular structure. Due to this structure, waffle towels absorb more moisture than smooth ones (although less than terry towels).

Composition of waffle towels

As we have already noted, the fabric for Cleanelly waffle towels and bedspreads, which you can buy in our online store, is made from pure cotton, which leads to numerous advantages of such products:

  • they are great at absorbing moisture.
  • let air through
  • pleasant to the touch
  • hypoallergenic

Benefits of waffle towels

So, why do we appreciate waffle towels so much?

  • natural composition (100% cotton)
  • environmental friendliness
  • lightness
  • high absorbency (one and a half times higher than smooth ones)
  • long service life
  • democratic prices

And even if your waffle towel or bedspread is worn out, it can be cut into patchwork pieces, sewn into a toy, or donated to animal shelters.

How to care for waffle towels

Even products as resistant and durable as waffle towels need to be properly cared for.

The nuance of the waffle fabric is that the cells in it are separated by soft jumpers, which can suffer when interacting with zippers and fasteners in the drum of the washing machine. Therefore, it is advisable to wash them separately, or carefully fasten zippers, buttons and hooks.

For washing, use mild detergents (gels and shampoos) and avoid using bleach. It is preferable to wash waffle towels in the «cotton» mode at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, and wring out at a speed of no more than 800-1000 revolutions so that they do not fray.

Waffle towels do not need to be ironed, but if you intend to do this, you should choose a temperature no higher than 150 degrees (on an iron, this mode is usually indicated by two dots).

Waffle towels as a gift

A set of waffle towels will be a wonderful gift for yourself and loved ones with or without reason: your mother or grandmother will appreciate such a present that will not only be useful to her in everyday life, but also decorate her kitchen or bathroom.

You can buy such waffle towels and many other household goods in our Hincu textile store


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