How to choose the right cap size?


The size of caps is a digital code that determines its size depending on the girth of the head in centimeters.

Depending on age, the average sizes of caps are as follows:

  • 0-3 months = 36-40
  • 3-6 months = 41-44
  • 6-12 months = 45-46
  • 1-2 years = 47-48
  • 2-3 years = 49-50
  • 3-5 years = 51-52
  • 5-7 years = 53-54
  • over 7 years = 54-65

Children’s sizes usually found in the range of universal sizes 53-55.
Women’s sizes usually found in the size range 54-61.
Men’s sizes usually found in the size range 58-65.

In order to determine the individual size of the caps, you need to take a tape measure and measure the girth of the head (the measuring line is attached below). How many centimeters turned out, this will be the size of the cap!

For example: the circumference of the head is 55 cm, so you need to choose the 55 cap size.

Feel free to write and contact us for help, our manager will always tell you and help you choose the right size for you and your child.

We have in stock the most popular and versatile caps in sizes 53, 55, 58.

Do you wear a cap for the holidays?


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