This problem is especially relevant when buying a belt as a gift.
So, the input data: you are a woman, and you want to buy a belt as a gift for a man. How to do it?
I must say right away that these instructions here, such as easy to cut and resize — all this is garbage. It won’t be easy for you. But for a man — it’s quite easy. So get real. If you really don’t want to fool your head at all, take the largest size: 130-140. Let him grumble. If you still want to guess and please your loved one, then here are the guidelines:
1. Drishch. This is when the wind blows away without change in your pocket. So you need to take 105-110-120 (this is in cm length). And it might be too long. For dwarf jerks, look for belts in the kids and teens section.
2. Normal man. Fortunately, most of them are. They wear 48-50-52 clothing sizes. Not thin and not fat. The presence of a stomach is allowed. The most popular size is suitable for them: 120-130 (in centimeters, the length of the belt). Proven by many years of live retail experience.
3. Bun. In such men, the stomach protrudes very noticeably. In clothes, sizes are 52-54-56 … In short: if a man is fat and wears sizes from 52, you need to take 130-140.
4. Hippo / hippopotamus. I don’t have belts for these. It is necessary to separately look for a length of 140 cm. Enter a query in the search engine «batal belt» (batals are large sizes).
Thank you for reading to the end. Hope the information was helpful. Enjoy the shopping!

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