Scented candles are a favorite element of decor for any housewife. For many, it is also a remedy for depression. After all, watching the flames is fascinating and soothing. A burning candle fills the house with aroma, warmth and comfort.

Few people know about the healing properties of aromatic oils. There is even a practice called Aromatherapy. The impact of essential oils on the human body has been scientifically confirmed, therefore, the fact that candles with their impurities are either beneficial or harmful …

Cheap candles are not good!

Scented candles can be bought at the nearest supermarket. These are made from paraffin and artificial flavors. Yes, they are cheap, but with frequent use they cause irritation of the respiratory mucosa, allergies, headaches, and the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. The aroma is superficial, rough, intrusive, reminiscent of a toilet freshener.

Dear candles

In parallel, there is another segment of aroma products — perfume houses. The thing is that a self-respecting manufacturer will not risk his reputation and will offer the consumer a product made of high-quality natural wax and put a whole composition of a gradually unfolding aroma into a candle.

In our Acacia Home store, candles are created exclusively from a natural composition, namely soy wax. Our candles with enchanting aromas will help you relax and enjoy the sound of a crackling wooden wick. Acacia Home scented candles are perfect for aromatherapy and meditation, as well as for relaxing while taking a bath.

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