How to choose pajamas?

Pajamas are not only clothes in which we fall asleep and wake up, but also a comfortable home suit, in which it is pleasant to do household chores, play with a child or wrap up after a hard day. But at present, due to the abundance of colors and styles, it is difficult for a modern girl to quickly make the right decision and buy the perfect pajamas How to do it right, we will tell in this article.

There are 2 criteria by which it is convenient to choose pajama sets: practical and aesthetic.


1. First of all, pay attention to the material from which the pajamas are made. Knitwear is ideal for everyday wear, as it is comfortable to sleep in and comfortable to be in during the day. Cotton is a fabric that is insanely pleasant to the body, you will not want to get out of such pajamas. Fleece and velor will save you in severe winter, they perfectly retain heat. Also, wool and acrylic are used in winter versions, but often these materials cause discomfort when worn and even allergies.

2. Buttons and fasteners can interfere during sleep, so it is better to choose pajamas exclusively for sleeping without unnecessary elements.

3. Be sure to check the seams before buying, they must be soft. Particular attention should be paid to the seams of silk pajamas, as with poor-quality processing, the fabric may spread.

4. It is very important that pajamas do not restrict movement during sleep and rest. We advise you to buy nightgowns 1 or 2 sizes larger.


1. If you correctly determine your type of figure and choose a suitable set for it, you will become even more attractive. Below are the stylist’s tips:

  • For girls with a rectangle body type, pajamas with short shorts are suitable, which will emphasize the legs.
  • For a pear figure, pajamas with all kinds of ruffles and frills in the upper part would be ideal to visually enlarge the chest, and leave the bottom simple, choose straight-cut pants that hide the hips.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, you can safely choose tight-fitting options with a deep neckline.
  • Pajamas with a high waist, as well as a free cut, will suit a woman with an apple figure. These pajamas perfectly emphasize the chest and divert attention from the waist and tummy.
  • V-neckline, A-line, without accents on the bodice in the form of ruffles and frills — all these details will be an excellent addition to the inverted triangle figure.

2. Psychologists say that the color of clothing directly affects mood. Blue, green and pink colors bring peace. In addition, pink evokes romance. White pajamas will give you peace of mind, and this is especially important after a hard day’s work. Black, on the contrary, is better not to wear on such days, but on any other, this color will not prevent you from enjoying a pleasant evening alone with yourself or your loved ones.

With care for you, the DivaRoom team.

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