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Why do we offer Japanese Shoyeido incense in export and native versions? There are many suppliers of aromatic products from India, Nepal and China on the Russian market. Compared to Japanese incense, these incense, at first glance, are cheaper, but do they have other advantages? The assortment of fragrances of each manufacturer is inferior, and packages often create the appearance of volume, while the number of sticks is 12-14 pieces (15 g) in each. Japanese manufacturers indicate the exact quantity, usually a minimum of 35 sticks per package.
As for the quality of incense, the conclusion can be drawn simply by comparing them all in practice. If there are still no preferences in the choice of combustible incense, you can buy one inexpensive sample, in a package with similar aromas from different manufacturers and try it out: evaluate the functional form, its safety after delivery, smoldering time, saturation and purity of the aroma.

Quality incense is made from natural ingredients that are not subject to heat treatment. If the fragrance compound is applied to a wood base, the transferred smell will mix with the wood smoke. Only the highest quality incense without a woody base can convey a pure aroma. But at the same time, baseless incense in the form of sticks should have sufficient density and not break from light touches, providing sufficient smoldering time.

Japanese incense without a woody base is distinguished by the special purity of mixed original aromas and the low smokiness of the carrier, which allows them to be used even in the most compact conditions of small spaces. In this case, forced ventilation is not necessary and the aroma in the room can be preserved for a long time without causing discomfort. The Shoyeido range has a special series of incense that smolders with virtually no smoke.

Making a choice in favor of this or that aroma when buying incense, you need to have a good idea of ​​the environment for which they are intended: the space of the room, the time of day, the expected environment or solitude. Aromas create moods conducive to a particular pastime, there are also universal ones. The names of the Shoyeido compound incense are mostly associated with the atmosphere of the places and nature of Kyoto (the city of production, Honshu, Japan). The composition indicated on them is usually of the same type “sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves, spices” and does not reveal the characteristics of aromas. But the color on the packages is usually specially selected for the associative definition.

Shades of green — Hoyei-koh; Hoyei-koh Eternal treasure: traditional neutral fragrances with notes of green tea, sandalwood, cloves. They refresh well, fill with aroma, but do not condense the atmosphere of the room. Not persistent aromas, quickly disappear. Suitable for scenting rooms, everyday activities, daytime activities, they soothe without losing concentration.

Shades of red — Daigen-koh Great origin; Kyonishiki; Kyonishiki — Kyoto Autumn Leaves: warm, enveloping fragrances with woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood, cinnamon, they create a cozy atmosphere. Well relax and soothe, enhance fantasy. They are more suitable for daytime or evening relaxation, a romantic dinner, peaceful conversations.

Shades of blue — Kyozakura — Kyoto Cherry Blossoms; Honoka-Silhouette; Haku-un: Astringent-refreshing aromas with herbaceous and camphor notes, scents of a blossoming garden. These incense stimulate the senses, invigorate, encourage active activity, deodorize the room well. Suitable for morning exercises, daytime concentration, set in a poetic mood and peace.

Shades of brown — Enmei; Kinkaku-Golden Pavilion; Madoka-Chiffon; Nokiba — Moss Garden: earthy-woody fragrances with notes of incense and forest flowers, reminiscent of a spring forest. Well raise the tone, eliminate anxiety, relieve fatigue. Suitable for meditation, evening relaxation, soothing before bedtime.

Shoyeido has a series of incense with balanced and refined plant aromas for versatile scenting anytime, anywhere: Moku-Tree ー Patchouli tree; Kusa-Grass ー Fresh kusha grass with notes of sandalwood; Ume-Plum ー Plum blossom with notes of benzoin.

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