Summer is a great time to exercise outdoors. Whether you have moved to the country house or are exercising with friends in the park, morning practice will in any case be a good start to the day. And so that nothing distracts you from your lesson, choose a suitable rug: a lot really depends on the quality of this part.

How to choose a yoga mat?

It’s hard to keep your back in «down dog» in the correct position when your hands slide on the mat and ride forward! Therefore, no, tourist foam will not suit you, and a thick gymnastic mat will not work either. These things may very well do the tasks for which they are intended, but they are not suitable for yoga. You need a special rug.

When choosing a yoga mat, there are points that are better to know in advance: for beginners, they are not obvious. The correctness of your posture and the ease in performing the exercise depend on the rug — that is, the effectiveness of the lesson, in the end. So, what should you pay attention to?

Length and width

The required length of the mat is your height plus 10 cm, for dynamic asanas more is possible.

The standard width of the rug is 60 cm, but they are also produced wider, 80 cm.


It is difficult to maintain balance on a rug that is too thick; Too thin will hurt your knees. The optimal thickness is 4-6 mm.


Strength is affected by two things: material and reinforcement.

Inexpensive PVC mats — heavily foamed, with low density; usually they do not last long, crumble. If you choose a PVC rug, then pay attention to the density. Or choose an alternative: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a durable, soft and dense material. It is lighter than PVC.

Reinforcement further strengthens the mat: the textile mesh inside allows it not to stretch.


— that is, the ability of the rug not to slide either on the floor or under your hands. Rubber mats are considered the stickiest, but dense PVC and especially TPE do their job just as well.

How to choose an outdoor yoga mat?

What to pay attention to if your practice will take place on the grass or on the court? If you are going or driving somewhere to practice, lightness becomes especially important; choose a mat made of TPE.

Benefits of Kama Yoga mats

— Anti-slip properties

— TPE material — safe, soft, odorless and pleasant to the touch

— Durability

— Convenient storage: the mat comes with a strap

— Easy care: the rug can be washed.

Choose the right yoga equipment to focus on your practice!

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