How to choose a shift to school?


The new school season is ahead, which means that parents are faced with an important question: what shoes to buy for a child for school? Not only the formation of the foot, but also the general condition of the child during study, and even health in general, depends on the right shoes.

What to look for when choosing school shoes

When choosing shoes for school, you need to understand that, first of all, it should be comfortable and light, and then beautiful and stylish. The child spends about 30 hours a week at school — all this time he is in shoes, so they should be as comfortable as possible.

Sole and heel

So, the first thing we pay attention to is the sole and heel counter. The sole should be flexible and not high, and the heel should be firm. We all know how children run around school during breaks, so by choosing the right sole, we minimize the risk of injury.


Choose shoes made from natural materials, even if you have to pay a lot for it. Synthetic, varnished or rubber shoes will not let your feet «breathe» and your child will be uncomfortable. The ideal option is completely genuine leather, or at least partially: the inner material and the insole are made of genuine leather, and the material of the top is made of artificial leather.

Insole and arch support

Choose shoes with arch support and a comfortable breathable insole. This will prevent the development of flat feet and correctly distribute the load when walking.

The size

Another important comfort factor is the correct size of school shoes. Do not take shoes «in reserve» for several academic years. After 3 years, a child’s foot grows by about half a size every six months, which means that school shoes in primary grades are usually worn for up to 9 months, that is, one school year.

Do not buy shoes for a child on your own, without trying them on!

To choose the correct size, remove the insole from the shoe and place the child’s foot on it. Align the heel with the edge of the insole, there should be a margin of about 1 cm above the fingers, the foot should not go beyond the edges. And to check if the child’s shoes are tight, put his foot on a piece of paper and circle it. Then cut out the trace exactly along the traced lines. Now insert the cut out insole into the shoes. If the sheet is bent at the edges, then the shoes are small.

Ideal shoes for schoolchildren

The best option for children’s school shoes are shoes that are suitable for both boys and girls. It is this type of shoe that orthopedic doctors recommend taking for everyday wear.

Which shoes to choose:

  • Soft and light — so that the leg does not get tired during the day.
  • No laces — so that children are not distracted by constantly untied laces, do not stumble about them and do not spend a lot of time changing shoes.
  • Without a large number of decorative elements — so as not to distract, not bother and fit any clothes.
  • Dark colors (black, navy blue, grey, brown) are universal colors that will suit most of the clothes and dress code of the school.
  • With a low platform and a heel.

How to choose shoes for physical education

The choice of shoes for physical education also requires special attention. In order for the child not to get injured and achieve good results in sports, pay attention to the following recommendations.

Recommendations for choosing sports shoes:

  • Type of shoes — sneakers. Do not take sneakers and other shoes that are not suitable for sports.
  • The outsole is light and flexible with good cushioning. Necessarily white is a condition of all educational institutions, as dark leaves marks on the floor and walls.
  • The material is light and “breathable”, ideally mesh.
  • The fastener is Velcro. Shoes with laces are not the best option for physical education.
  • Heel — must be stiff to protect the ankle from dislocation;
  • Size — the stock in sports shoes should be 5-7 mm, do not buy sneakers for growth.

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