How to choose a plus size swimsuit?

Summer is coming, and with it the time for hot beaches and the azure sea. But many women, along with the expected joy and pleasure, also receive a problem — choosing the right swimsuit. You don’t need to look at statistics to understand that a significant part of the fairer sex is overweight and is far from the 90-60-90 stereotype imposed by fashion. The familiar female figure has rounded hips, a tummy that can be hidden under clothes, but not in a swimsuit at the opening of the beach season. A well-chosen beach wardrobe will help present a feminine figure in the best light and get the most pleasant emotions and memories from warm days.

Beachwear for obese women is no longer a problem

The appearance of plus size models on the catwalks of the world has become a strong impetus for the emergence of many brands, the basis of the range of which are plus size items. Famous brands of lingerie and swimwear did not stand aside, expanding their activities with clothes for women with voluminous shapes. Thus, brands, as it were, position their disposition towards all women equally, clearly showing that even a few extra pounds cannot cast doubt on the beauty and uniqueness of each representative of the weaker sex.

Another clear proof of the victory of loyalty and democracy over the years over the stereotype of harmony is the growing popularity of fashion bloggers and models with non-standard forms. Non-XS fashion pioneers such as Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Ashley Gramm are the idols of many women thanks to their ability to dress stylishly, behave freely and be self-confident regardless of the size of the figure. It is worth taking another example from them — an excellent selection of swimsuits that allow you to be dazzling and beautifully emphasize feminine shapes and curves.

We remove accents from the problem area

The first thing full girls need to do is to identify the most problematic area and divert attention from it. As a rule, most often extra centimeters are concentrated in three zones: in the hips, on the stomach or in the chest area.

Full girls with a pear-shaped figure (when the bottom is more massive) need to shift the accents up. Too protruding hips, cellulite can be masked by closed high panties. A distraction in the form of voluminous wide ties around the neck, flounces and frills on the chest will also help shift attention to the upper body. Open shoulders also do a great job of this.

Girls with an inverted triangle figure, on the contrary, need to shift their attention from the top to the bottom. Ruffles and frills will again come to the rescue, but this time they need to decorate panties. This will add volume to the hips and visually balance the silhouette.

Girls with large lush breasts and narrow hips should choose swimsuit with shorts instead of panties.

Hiding the belly

A bulging tummy (as a rule, the owners of an “apple” or “oval” figure have it) will hide well in a one-piece closed swimsuit. If you choose a model of elastic slimming fabric, such a swimsuit will really make you thin. A deep vertical neckline in the chest area is also capable of slimming the “apple”.

«Rectangles» work well with diamond-shaped patterns that will help shape the waist. To make the silhouette more feminine and “draw” the curves, symmetrical cutouts on the sides or mesh inserts will also help.

Large prints are contraindicated for «apple» girls. No flowers on the belly! They will only make the situation worse. Your drawing is vertical lines. Another contraindication for this type of figure is the bikini model. It is better to refuse separate bathing suits in general. Preference for black.

Girls with a small bust should prefer push-up bodices. Embroidery elements, voluminous decor, drapery and folds will also help to visually enlarge the chest.

And what are you guided by when choosing a swimsuit?

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