How easy is it to learn to pull up?


Bring your body to perfection with only one elastic band! Do you think that to start exercising you need expensive workouts in the gym, a large amount of sports equipment and a lot of time? In fact, you just haven’t tried using a fitness band yet. This compact band expander can work wonders in the right hands!

What is she capable of?

With this fitness band you can:

— build muscle mass or, if necessary, get rid of extra centimeters;

— pump legs, back and buttocks

— perform pull-ups on the horizontal bar or learn how to do them

This fitness expander is suitable for both advanced athletes and beginners who want to quickly learn pull-ups on the horizontal bar.

Powerful and strong

This fitness elastic band is rightfully considered No. 1 in terms of power, its peak load reaches more than 100 kg, and at maximum tension it can replace a barbell weighing 75 kg.

The expander is made of 100% high-quality latex, which means it will last a long time and will not tear. It does not stick, does not roll and has a convenient width and length.

Still not sure if you can use the fitness band correctly? You can, because as a gift you will receive a full-fledged video set of exercises!

And now let’s calculate: you can work out with this rubber band all year round for the cost of a single visit to the gym. Cool?

Become the best version of yourself with a fitness band!


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