How does the baby develop in the seventh and eighth months of life

By seven months, the child already moves quite a lot and communicates with the outside world, is active throughout the entire time, in the absence of sleep.

When the baby has passed the milestone of six months, he begins to develop even faster, every day he acquires new skills, you can always see something interesting and new from him. As before, your help and constant care are important to the baby, so you need to know how the child develops at seven months and how you can help him.

Seven months

The baby loves to spend most of the time lying on his tummy. Lying on his stomach, he can lean on one handle, and the other can reach out and grab the toy. Independently take a sitting position and maintain balance. In the crib, he can kneel or fully on his legs, holding on to the railing. Supported by the armpits, he walks. The child spends more time playing. She shifts the toy from one hand to the other, turns it. To the question “where?” can find with a glance what is being asked. The baby knows his name and responds to it. At 7 months, the two lower teeth erupt.

  • Weight gain — 600 g, height — 1-2 cm.

8 months

This month, the vocabulary increases, the first conscious words appear — “mom”, “dad”, “woman”, “give.” The baby can crawl to any support and tries to stand near it. At 8 months, the baby knows how to put toys in a box, play simple games (coo-coo, patties). The child understands simple requests, shows some parts of his body. The crumbs have a “tweezer grip”, he can take small objects with his thumb and forefinger.

  • During this month, the baby gains 500-600 g in weight and grows by 2 cm.

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