How does a baby develop in 5 and 6 months of life


At five months, many babies are already beginning to be intensely active, some are beginning to roll over from their back to their stomach and vice versa. What’s new will happen to the baby at this stage and what will be the development of the child at five and six months, read in the article.

5 month

Many children at the age of five months already sleep longer at night, waking up 1-2 times. During wakefulness, the child hones physical skills. Maybe confidently roll over in different directions, takes a pose of preparation for sitting (reclining on the hip, leaning on one of the handles), grabs himself by the feet, pulls them into his mouth. The baby begins to distinguish between friends and strangers, sits on the arms of his parents with pleasure, but may cry if another person tries to pick him up. At 5 months baby can play with different objects: pick them up, throw, observe, knock. You may also be interested in a picture book. At this age, it is already possible to teach a child simple words: “mom”, “dad”, “woman”.

The average child gains weight per month 700 g and 1-2 cm.

6 months

The kid begins to actively show food interest in adult food. You can introduce the first complementary foods. Breastfeeding is reduced. The baby has a skill to sit down from a position on all fours. The baby is preparing for a full-fledged crawl (some babies already know how to crawl). Independently plays up to 10 — 15 minutes. At 6 months, the first tooth can erupt.

Weight gain — 650 g, in growth — 1-2 cm.

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