How does a baby develop in 3 and 4 months of life


The age of 3 and 4 months is a time of amazing discoveries, new skills and leaps in development. This is no longer a newborn who only eats and sleeps all the time. Toddlers want to know the world learn to interact with him and establish contact with people around him.

3 months

The kid continues to improve his skills. He likes to be worn in a column to see the surroundings more. He is able to rise on his forearms and look around. By the third month, the baby’s fists straighten out, the baby can already take the rattle, after which he pulls it into his mouth.

By the end of the third month, the most active babies are alreadygrab themselves by the knees and study their legs. Increasingly, pronouncing not only vowel sounds, but also syllables.

Average weight gain — 800 g, in height — 2 cm.

4 months

The period of colic gradually passes. At 4 months, the main thing for the child is the coordination of eye and hand movements. Hand movements become conscious, acquire meaning, especially when you need to reach for something.

This month, the child can look at the toys hanging above the crib for a long time. When supporting the baby by the armpits, he rests with his toes and pushes off the surface. Rolls over from back to side and onto stomach. Tries to roll over onto his back. The baby’s vision becomes more receptive to color. The child first likes yellow and red, then green and blue.

By the end of the fourth month, active salivation may appear. This is how teeth begin to erupt.

weight gaine — 700-800 g, in growth — 1-2 cm.

Now you know what a baby does at the age of three and four months and what skills he masters during this interesting period.

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