How does a baby develop at 9 and 10 months of life

Ten months is the age that is already as close as possible to the first serious date of your baby — he will soon be a year old. The child knows a lot, every day he learns something new, he is not interested in sitting, lying or just crawling, he is already preparing for his first conscious confident steps. As before, the baby needs your support and presence nearby.

What do you need to know about the age characteristics of this period in order to help the child in further development?

9 months

By this age, the baby sleeps during the day 2 times for 2 hours, and at night — up to 10 hours. During the daytime wakefulness, he tries to climb onto a chair or sofa, moves along the furniture. If you hold it by the handles, the baby will walk for several minutes. Starts playing with cubes and sorters. From a sitting position, he can reach out and take a toy. The kid learns to crumple and tear paper, flip through books.

  • The baby gains 500 g per month and grows up to 1-1.5 cm.

10 months

At this age, the baby is able to sit down without support from a standing position. Waving bye-bye. He understands when he is praised and when he is scolded. Shows love to parents, hugs hands, tries to kiss. At 10 months, the child must be taught to get off the sofa: turn his booty to the edge and lower his legs. Can roll a ball and crawl after it. By this age, the crumbs can already grow 4 teeth: two lower and two upper central incisors.

  • Weight gain is 450 g. Growth increases by 1.5 cm.

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