How does a baby develop at 11 and 12 months


The birth of a child is a great miracle. After birth, he has to go a long way of development and growth. During the first year of growing up, from a tiny squeaky lump, the baby turns into a real little man. But before that, several stages await him, at each of which the child acquires certain skills and abilities.

11 months is an important milestone before the first major anniversary. What do you need to know about the age characteristics of this period in order to help the child in further development?

11 months

The kid already knows how to confidently stomp, holding on to his mother’s hand and at the support. Can take a few steps on his own. Dancing to the beat of the music. Can pinch and bite. Shows where the toy has eyes or point with a finger at an object of interest. At 11 months, a baby can hold a spoon in its handle and pick up food with it. Molar teeth may begin to grow from below and from above.

  • For 11 months, she gains 400 g in weight, and in height — 1-1.5 cm.

12 months

The twelfth month of a child’s development is a kind of transitional period from infancy to childhood. At this age, the baby, as a rule, goes to one daytime sleep. He knows how to squat to pick up a toy. Can put one item and take another, build a tower of cubes. Tries to participate in dressing (raises arms up, lifts leg). Able to walk hand in hand with an adult or independently. At 12 months, the child makes attempts to eat with a spoon on his own and gradually switches to adult food.

  • By the end of the first year, the baby should triple its birth weight.

  • Over the past month, babies gain an average of 300 g and grow another 1 cm.

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