How can UNIWALL magnetic whiteboards be used at home? 10 interesting ideas


Idea number 1. For the development and creativity of children

It’s no secret that it is important to engage in child development from an early age. At this time, children willingly absorb useful information. Therefore, our innovative UNIWALL magnetic chalk wall can be installed in a child’s room. Agree, this is how the kid will like learning to write, draw, count, collect magnetic puzzles much more! You can store all useful learning materials in magnetic pockets and folders — so you won’t lose anything. And on magnets you can attach a multiplication table or actual formulas and rules.

Our modern UNIWALL wallpapers will help you with this! Moreover, you can choose from 15 colors! We are confident that you will definitely find something for your interior and soul.

Idea number 2. For children’s drawings and posters

As parents, we always motivate the child to create and develop. I want him to be willing to do it himself. Why not attach all the drawings to the UNIWALL magnetic chalk wall so that the kid can see how great he is already doing now. It turns out, a home art gallery!

By the way, for our multifunctional magnetic chalk wall UNIWALL Suitable for all kinds of magnets!

Idea number 3. For the whole family

How you start the day is how you spend it. Therefore, it is better, of course, to start it with positive thoughts about your loved ones who love you very much. Imagine, you wake up, go to wash your face, and pleasant warm words from your loved one are already written on your magnetic chalk wall UNIWALL in the corridor. And the mood, of course, rises immediately! And all this thanks to UNIWALL.

Note that absolutely anyone can leave love messages with chalk.

Idea number 4. For photos

Treasure your memories — be sure to create a wall with your favorite family photos. A snapshot is a real time machine that can take you to any memory, even after many years. Children’s birthdays, family trips to the sea, graduations and much more — print and be sure to attach your dear photos on magnets. And you can also sign photos — place, year … or even come up with funny captions.

Our innovative magnetic chalk wallpaper UNIWALLBy the way, they can be absolutely any size. You can even cover the entire wall in your room!

Idea number 5. For themed parties

A photo zone is a great addition to any holiday. Guests are sure to come to stop near it and take a beautiful photo. And this is a great savings for your money, because you will not need to spend money on buying a separate background or other decorations. Take some crayons and paint the wall, attach photos of the birthday boy and you’re done! A bright photo zone — with your own hands and without leaving your home.

If something doesn’t work right away, don’t despair. Drawings on magnetic chalk wallpaper UNIWALL quickly washable without streaks — every time your wall is like new.

Idea number 6. For a wish card

Visualization plays a big role. Especially if we make a wish, it is important to have an idea of ​​what exactly we want to receive. Our magnetic chalk/marker wall from UNIWALL can be divided into several sectors, signed with chalk or marker. Here we attach a photo of what we want to achieve in the end. This can be done using magnets or magnetic stickers. Now all the most important things are at your fingertips. Quick and easy…

… just like sticking magnetic chalk wallpaper. Installation does not require special skills — anyone can do it. That’s why it’s so cool!

Idea number 7. For your home decor

As practice shows, it is at home that we spend most of our time. I want your home fortress to be cozy — so that you want to be in it, having fun. Magnetic chalk wallpapers can also be used as full-fledged wallpapers, on which you can also write — unlike ordinary ones. Paint the wall, create comfort in the room. And then, when you get tired of the drawing, replace it with a new one. It’s nice that this decor does not bother — again, unlike ordinary wallpaper!

Our magnetic chalk wallpaper will help you with this. UNIWALL. A 10,000-erasure guarantee will give you a great opportunity to draw and erase as much as you want!

Idea number 8. For the student’s workplace at home

Of course, few people like to do homework. But I also don’t want to force the child to do them through force. Therefore, there is a creative approach to this. The main thing is to think over the child’s workplace at home. Simply create a unique space for learning and creativity. Magnetic chalk wallpaper can be safely used as a full-fledged glider — write out tasks that need to be completed, use the wall as a draft for solving problems and examples. Here you can draw graphs and tables.

And of course, right on the magnetic chalk wall, you can now easily store all your learning materials in a folder or wall pocket — nothing gets lost thanks to our functional accessories.

Idea number 9. For recipes in the kitchen

Did you know that magnetic chalk wallpaper can become your indispensable assistant in the kitchen? Imagine, on TV you saw an interesting recipe that urgently needs to be written down somewhere. Write directly on the wall — take the chalk, which is here. Now your recipe flaunts in the most prominent place in the kitchen — you will definitely not forget to cook. The same can be done with your purchases.

That’s why our UNIWALL magnetic chalk wallpapers are comfortable in the interior! Make a whole list of what you need to buy, and then just take a picture of it before you go out and that’s it!

Idea number 10. For decoration of children’s rooms

The child’s room is a separate world in which kindness, tenderness and positive reign. And, of course, all parents want to create this unique atmosphere of happiness in the room — so that the baby falls asleep and wakes up in a good mood. Choose the color of the wallpaper and use it instead of the usual wallpaper in the room. Depict your child’s favorite characters or just draw interesting drawings so that the baby learns pictures and develops from an early age.

Our magnetic chalk wallpaper is a mono-functional product that you can confidently use at home. Therefore, the list can be continued indefinitely … and all this thanks to our modern magnetic chalk wallpaper, which helps to optimize life and decorate the interior.

UNIWALL — plan, develop, decorate, dream with us!

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