In disputes about the benefits and harms of cartoons, many copies have been broken. Some parents are categorically against the leisure of children behind the monitor, others are categorically in favor. And someone rushes between these camps and tries to find a middle ground. How to do it?

The harm to the physical and psychological development of the child is caused not by the cartoons themselves, as such, but by the way they are watched and how carefully they are selected. Watching time should be limited in accordance with the age of the baby, the stories should be educational and developmental in nature, pass parental censorship.

We have made a selection of 5 cartoons that can be useful for children.


The main characters of the cartoon are Oink the pig, Meow the cat, Woof the dog, Igo-go the horse, and Dudu the elephant. Each of them has its own character and hobbies, its own song. Pieces of wood help the child learn colors and shapes, memorize new words and concepts.

In the Ice Rink series, the kid, together with the pig Piggy, learns that puddles freeze in winter, now you can’t splash in them, but you can have fun skating with friends.

The cartoon is beautifully drawn and nicely voiced. Toys really seem to be made of wood, the colors and movements of the characters are calm, they do not overload the nervous system.


Nyushenka, Pandochka, Kroshik, Hedgehog, Lamb face situations that are familiar to both kids and their parents: they didn’t share the scoop in the sandbox, they scattered toys, they didn’t want to fall asleep at a quiet hour. To cope with stubbornness, to make peace, to overcome the obstacle, an adult helps them, whose voice we hear behind the scenes. With the help of soft leading questions, he suggests the right solution.

The child, together with the characters of the cartoon, learns to communicate with peers, to distinguish between the concepts of «more-less», «higher-lower», to name colors and shapes, to count.

The series «On the site» shows the concepts of «polite-impolite». The child learns to be considerate towards his comrades on the playground. Breaking Easter cakes, pushing on a hill is impolite. Asking with the word “please”, saying “thank you”, helping friends is polite.


Fixies are little people who repair electrical appliances and talk about their device to their friend, the boy Dim Dimych, and at the same time to small spectators.

In the «Keyboard» series, fixies Simka and Nolik remove crumbs from under the keys so that they work again, and Dim Dimych was able to congratulate his grandmother on her birthday by e-mail. Dim Dimych understands that a computer desk is not a place to eat.

In the «Mixer» series, fixies teach their friend how to make unloved milk tasty — they add fruits, ice cream, chocolate and mix everything with a mixer.

Fixies talk not only about the work of various techniques, but also about moral standards — they condemn slovenliness, lies, reading other people’s letters, disobedience to parents.

«Doctor Plusheva»

Dr. Plyusheva talks to the toys with a magical stethoscope and heals them. She does this according to all the rules — she checks the ears and eyes of her patients, listens to the heart, measures height and weight, and takes a medical history. After all, her mother is a doctor. The girl calms and encourages if the doll or robot is afraid of examination or procedure.

The cartoon is useful for both children and adults. It will be easier for kids to cope with the fear of doctors and painful procedures. After all, Dr. Plyusheva clearly and gently explains that sometimes it is necessary to endure pain in order to be healthy. It is normal to be afraid, but often there is no reason for it.

Parents will learn not to shame their kids for fear of doctors, but to offer their support, hug and comfort. Doctor Plyusheva not only treats toys, but also teaches them the rules of communication so that they can be comfortable and have fun together. In Bronto Bo-Bo, the dinosaur Bronty inadvertently hurt his friends during a ball game — pushing, knocking down, and very worried. The girl showed him that he needed to be more careful — to be able to slow down in time, to calculate his strength.

«Robocar Poli and his friends»

Robocars are lifeguards that can transform from robots to cars and vice versa. Roy, Amber, Paulie, Helly rush to the rescue of those who got into trouble due to their indiscretion, haste, stubbornness — crossed the road in the wrong place and almost got hit by a car, left the stove on and caused a fire, played in an abandoned house and ended up under blockage. Children, together with the heroes, repeat the safety rules and see what their violation can lead to.

The benefits of cartoons will, of course, greatly increase if parents discuss the plot with their child — they explain incomprehensible points, consolidate their knowledge, and recall similar situations from family life.

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