Easter, Sunday of Christ, Bright Sunday of Christ is one of the most significant holidays in Christianity. On this day, godchildren and godparents should congratulate each other.

On the eve of Holy Easter, many people have a question: “What to give godparents for Easter?”. Easter is a church holiday, and not all gifts will be appropriate. Let’s figure out which Easter gifts will help make this day truly bright and joyful, and which gifts are better to refrain from.

In terms of gifts, many Easter traditions stem from church rites and are classically established. Traditional Easter gifts are edible symbols: Easter pastries, Easter cottage cheese, Easter cakes, colorful painted eggs. You can cook pastries and steal eggs yourself. It is appropriate to give flowers.

Easter is a church holiday that carries a special meaning. On this day, it will be good to please spiritual parents with thematic presents.

Both the godmother and the godfather will appreciate the gift sets for godparents of the STUPNIKOVA brand. The gift set for godparents includes: two embroidered terry towels for the godmother and godfather, two handbags-packages of the author’s design and two icons with the Guardian Angel prayer. A gift inscription is embroidered on each towel.

The image of one of the most revered Saints in Orthodoxy, Nicholas the Wonderworker, is embroidered on the towel for the godfather. The Orthodox turn to Nicholas with different prayers: they ask for healing, family happiness, the birth and upbringing of children, patronage on the road.

The Mother of God with Jesus in her arms is embroidered on the towel for the godmother. The Mother of God, in general, is asked for health, the gift of children, protection of the family, etc. The assortment of the STUPNIKOVA brand of Orthodox textiles includes sets with other thematic embroideries: “Angel”, “Dove — a symbol of Baptism”.

A few words about unwanted gifts. It is inappropriate to give alcohol, tobacco products, piercing and cutting objects, comic souvenirs, intimate items for Easter. Such gifts for Easter emphasize your frivolous attitude to a significant church holiday.

It is better to take care of Easter gifts for godparents in advance. And remember, no matter what souvenirs and gifts you choose to congratulate your godparents on Happy Easter, the most important thing is a sincere message and a desire to please your loved ones!

The set for godparents of the STUPNIKOVA brand is suitable as a gift for Epiphany.

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